Stray Shots


40 days on Rikers for DMX. Yeah, that sounds about right.

UPDATE: I don’t know how I missed this all day but apparently when X was leaving the courthouse a reporter asked him if he was looking forward to going to jail. X, of course, threatened to crack his head open.

Now that the dust has settled from the Great Cam’ron Carjacking of 2005, here comes all the publicity stunt, murder plot, conspiracy theory talk.  

50 40 Cent is at it again, and this time he’s being aired out for what he does best, profitting from images of violence and degradation.  But don’t alot of rappers do that, you ask? Sure, but I enjoy their music. 

That M.O.P. album that was supposed to drop is being pulled back off of shelves and being repackaged apparently because Koch tried to market it as a G-Unit release, which it is not. I can’t really blame them for trying although they should know that the boss over there doesn’t like people eating off his name or his crew, just ask the family of the Real 50 Cent.

The Game is building a state of the art recording studio and office in Atlantic City. The complex will be the home of this new imprint Black Wall Street East. I’m not sure this was a wise investment since his career may be coming to an abrupt end in about 48 hours.

What’s better than this Black Rob interview: "… [shouting] I don’t see Cam, Jim Jones… I don’t see none of them niggas out here right now. Fuck them! You tell your people that." Alrighty then…

The Murder Inc. Trial got pushed back like a Ja Rule album.

The Source is suing BET for a 100 Million for refusing to air the Source Awards. They’re are also thinking about hitting Flex with a lawsuit after he let them have it on air the other day. Meanwhile Tony Mayo, who had previously told Benzino that he had better watch what he says about his daddy boss in the magazine, had some harsh words for the Boston M.C. (if you can call him that). He also goes on to make all types of excuses for his shitty album sales. His argument is, hey 250,000 is good for a little soldier like me, especially since Kanye dropped the same day. Right, keep telling yourself that.

UPDATE: Oh yeah, and would somebody tell Jeezy to break his baby moms off a little something? Yeaaaah!

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