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Grand Theft Auto: D.C.


So I was just going to post all of this in the comments section of the previous post, but Cam is such a classic character I said what the hell. I honestly can’t think of a better rapper to get shot and live, and I mean that the best possible way. You can be sure Mr. Giles is gonna bring the level of trash talk to new heights in the next few weeks, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear a freestyle addressing the whole situation within the next 24 hours.

Video of Cam leaving the hospital "They did a sloppy job"

Video of Cam arriving back in NY from D.C.

As expected, the mainstream media wasted no time trying to connect the shooting to ‘a fued with another rapper’. From the Washington Post:

Giles has been in a fairly public feud with rapper Jay-Z, who next week plans to give an "I Declare War" concert aimed primarily at Giles. But the two artists are known to keep their animosity to their music. Giles also recently filed a federal lawsuit against another artist over a songwriting credit.

A fairly public fued? Since when? Maybe after Thursday, but so far, nah no fued.

The Washington Post also reports that the Dips started arguing with each other at the hospital about why they weren’t there for their fearless leader when the ish hit the fan.  

Over at Sohh they’re debating whether Cam did the right thing by not giving up the car.  Of course alot of people are gonna say "Oh he’s stupid, he almost died over a car" , but I have to disagree. Who’s to say that if he woulda gave up the car, they wouldn’t have popped him anyway?

UPDATES: Only in the world of Hip Hop does a carjacking lead to a press release. "He even asked the nurse for her phone number when he woke up…"

"It takes more than a botched carjacking to keep me down" 

Grand Theft Auto D.C. – Part 2 

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4 Responses to “Grand Theft Auto: D.C.”

  1. T Nelson Says:

    I hate the fucking media

  2. e dubbs Says:

    I kinda been mad @ cam since he signed with the Roc but he’s back in good graces on the strength of that interview.

  3. Nah Right » Blog Archive » Grand Theft Auto: D.C. - Part 2 Says:

    […] ie.  It turns out that Cam himself is now not so sure that the attack on his life was actually a carjacking attempt. Plus we have a few new facts that […]

  4. I know all the answers Says:

    thats the short mans shoe.

    video is 12 months late

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