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Smack’s Back

redsmack.jpg jeezysmack.jpg

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For the last year or so we’ve had to turn to copycat productions like On the Come Up and All Access when we felt like having a gun pointed in our faces or being threatened by unsigned rappers crews. But not anymore, the originator, Smack DVD, is back with not 2, but 3 new volumes. Parts 9, 10, and 11 each come with alternate covers featuring Redman, Jeezy’s Snowman, The Game, Jim Jones, Fabolous, and Young Buck. These are so new that the Smack website doesn’t even know about them yet.

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6 Responses to “Smack’s Back”

  1. Rizoh Says:

    Nice covers. That Jeext snowman is so freesh

  2. Rizoh Says:

    edit: Jeezy’s snowman is so freesh. It’ll move more units than his platinum-certified record, and then the IRS would supoena him.

  3. T Nelson Says:

    Is it me or is Jeezy REAL overrated

  4. eskay Says:

    It’s not you. But I can’t front some of his songs make my head nod.

  5. T Nelson Says:

    what happened to the days when a rapper had to be like 2-3 years in before he got respect

  6. e-dubbs Says:

    minus Redman not one of the artists on the cover are worth the ten cents they CD’s is printed on. I’ll even give Fab a pass because he can be good at times but has yet to make an album worth 1/2 a shit.

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