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I’ma hold my right fist real high


Well well, what do we have here, Styles P and Jadakiss doing something positive at the Millions More Movement in D.C. this weekend. I wonder what 50 was so busy doing that he couldn’t bring his black ass down there and do something, anything, for the community that put him where he is today. Oh wait, I almost forgot, only white people buy his albums… 

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23 Responses to “I’ma hold my right fist real high”

  1. e-dubbs Says:

    Yeah, preaching genocide on your records is real positive. Styles might be the most ignorant rapper in the game. He reminds me of a dude who read “A Pale White Horse” ONCE and thinks he can drop knowledge.

  2. eskay Says:

    What are you talking about, Styles had one of the best, most positive songs this year. Sure he talks alot of gangsta shit but at least he evens it out, unlike 50 who’s level of ignorance has reached new heights in the last couple of months.

  3. e dubbss Says:

    fifty portrays himself one way though. As a dude who will eat your food. Styles had a good idea with his song but lacked the knowledge of self and lyrical talent to make it work. I had to come for him because you acting like he M1 or Sticc from Dead Prez. They are real black activists not like amos and andy duo you posted.

  4. eskay Says:

    I can see this is gonna be one of those 30 comment posts (which is exactly why I posted it)….First let, me cut right to the lyrical talent comment. Are you trying to say that 50 is lyrically better than SP? Come on now, lets be realistic. 50 was never that good and everybody knows it. Since day one its been about controversy with Curtis.

    Second of all, as much as I love dead prez, they’re music is full of the same contradictions that I think you are trying to accuse Styles of. They preach alot of self empowerment, revolutionary shit, but they still turn around and tell kids to ‘bang on the system’ and encourage them to arm themselves. Not that there’s anything wrong with a little contradiction (or arming yourself), some of the best MC’s music is full of them, Pac and Nas for example…

    In conclusion, yeah 50 portrays himself one way, as a scumbag with no loyalty and respect, while Styles puts everything out there for you to see, the Gangsta and the Gentleman.


  5. e-dubbs Says:

    First off, I never said 50 was lyrically but neither is Styles. But since I’m on it because you brought it up. I do think 50 is better than Styles lyrically and thats because Styles is just plain horrible. And if 50 was never that good, go ahead and tell me if Styles had a better album then Get Rich or Die Trying? Nope. Sorry, I win.

    And as far as Dead Prez being hypocrites? Never. They never speak on killing they own people over the same nonsense that the whole industry does. They do preach riding on the system and the powers that be,(be it racist folks, oppressors, the police, the goverment, uncle toms or people who stunt the growth of self empowerment) which I co-sign. And they do advocate the right to bare arms to protect themselves, noteably from Pigs.

    You say 50 has no loyalty? Ask Yayo how it felt to come home fresh from jail with ana ATM card with a million in cash at his disposal. As for Styles, he’s only a GENTLEMAN when he’s confronted by a real GANGSTER.

  6. eskay Says:

    No lie, Ghost Stories part 1 & 2 on SP’s new mixtape are better than everything 50 ever said in his life and I’m not even exaggerating. And yes Gangsta and a Gentleman was better than GRODT. 50’s shit was aiight, but in retrospect, too commercial for my taste. To be honest its not even on my Ipod, but The Assacre is (not for long).

    I can’t really argue with you on dead prez. I support their movement and what they represent so I’m not gonna try and discredit them now just for the sake of argument.

    Tony Gayo? Are you serious? 40 Cent (he dropped dime) is his boss, if anything Anthony owes him loyalty. I’m talking about 50 disrespecting his bosses boss, Dre, the real golden boy at Interscope. It’s ok though, his time will be coming soon. When Kiss and Nas go to Def Jam and Jay is comes back out, and Dre isn’t fucking with him, plus Sam Jackson blacklisting him in Hollywood, 50 will realize he shoulda shut his mouth when he had a chance.

    That GANGSTA and GENTLEMEN comment was good though, I’ll give you that.

  7. e dubbs Says:


    If you really think GRODT isnt better than Gangster And A Gentlemen, you really are out of your mind. But thats your opinion and you can ride with it. But let’s be real here, as wack as 50’s album was (massacare) Get Rich was a C L A S S I C. Forget personal opinions on the dude, that album was damn good! And from the sound of his soundtrack for his movie, he back to basics.

    As for Dre being his boss, nope. Iovine is loyal to one thing and thats the dude bringing him the most paper currently. And 50 is that dude right now. So Iovine will cut anyone and everyone off on the strength of 50 right now. He is the boss, period.

  8. eskay Says:

    You gotta remember that Dre is the driving force behind the success of 50, Em, and Game, all multi platinum Interscope artists. Now, Iovine ain’t stupid, he knows that none of them would be where they are now without Dre, and in the long run Dre is the bigger earner and the smarter investment. Dude has been doing this for 20 years and his record speaks for itself, from NWA right up to The Game.

    50 lost.

  9. e dubbs Says:

    Dre is a musical genius but he knows 50 is the brains behind the whole G-Unit movement and is a business man. Dre has never been a business man, look at his track record. His whole aftermath label was a mess if he didnt find that whiteboy in Detroit. And even with Eminem and 50, nothing else he has done has big as big as either of those 2 guys. He shelfed Eve, let her leave and she blew up for RR. He messed up The Firm project. Couldnt get an album done with Rakim. Had Game for 2 years and couldnt figure out how to use him and had to run to Fifty for help. Dawg, look at his track record. Fifty is mastermind behind Interscope’s success.

  10. eskay Says:

    >>Fifty is mastermind behind Interscope’s success

    Not even you believe that.

  11. Mo'Nique Says:

    i don’t want to bust anybodies balls in here but 50 is an ass. he is disloyal and disrespectful he thinks shit should revolve around him. one of you said that after Yayo got of jail for doin a bid he was welcomed back to G-Unit with open arms but what about one the dudes that was with G-Unit when they first came out. i don’t remember his name but he went to jail and 50 told him that they didn’t want anything to do with him because he would ruin his reputation so he don’t fux with 50 or G-Unit no more. and as we speak there is word of termoil between 50 and Eminem if that ain’t bitting tha hand that feeds you i don’t know what is. but on Styles P i think Kiss was tha better mc of the LOX group then Sheek L then ur Styles P

  12. Mo'Nique Says:

    that guy i was talkin bout was name Smuff i think but he got ana on his chest with 50 and he let all out Hoodz2Hoodz dvd.

  13. e-dubbs Says:


    Yeah, Smurf. He went to jail, rumour was 50 put some money in a dudes account up north to as rape him for Smurf running his mouth.

    But let’s be real, anyone who says they havent had people they rolled with previously and cut off is a liar. Why should 50 be exempt? And as far as him being an ass and thinking the world should revolve around him, your right! He does think that and its part of the reason he is succesful. To survive in this industry you gotta be an asshole.

    And S… Name a bigger artist at Interscope? Eminem is done dawg, its over. (thankfully so by the way.. damn culture vulture.. but thats another story for a different day) You can’t deny the evidence on Dre that I laid down. He not smart.

  14. Mo'Nique Says:

    key word rumour but 4 real you say being an ass is how he got his success but guess what that will be da same shit to get his career takin away and all he will have is his ego and his pride still screaming G-Unit by himself mark my words.

  15. Mo'Nique Says:

    and dat shit bout dre plez jus like u said ppl drop ppl they use to chill wit shit ppl make mistakes but if you notice on Eves 2 album she actually worked with dre on a few tracks yes she wasn’t on his label but things happen for the best an she went to RR which i think was the best thing. all that otha shit so what that don’t give 50 a reason to have a bitch fit for him trying to feed his family like i said the world don’t revolve around him once he realize that i think he will be a better rapper.

  16. eskay Says:

    First off Mo’Nique is gonna handle all E Dubbs replies from now on.

    Is 50 the biggest artist on Interscope? Possibly, but only if Em really retires. It doesn’t matter if he fell off or whatever, nobody can sell records and pack stadiums like the whiteboy. 50 is def next in line, but I don’t know man it seems like he’s slipping. His Massacre numbers are no where near GRODT and Yayo officially flopped. I predict Olivia will go wood and the GRODT soundtrack won’t pass the double platinum mark.

    I mean this is all speculation, but we all know the empire isn’t gonna be around forever.

  17. e-dubbs Says:

    You better drop out the race, S. I’m scot scorchin’ you. But to answer to your comments.

    Eminem’s done. He never had a black fan base and his white fan base has pledge allegience to 50. Notice his last single didnt even get rotation on MTV? It’s over.

    And Massacare album is horrible but still managed to do 3 X. So to label it a failure by 50’s standards (not good musik but making money) is false. I’m not sure where Yayo’s numbers are but I know he got Gold and him being a hypeman, gold not bad! Dude aint a rapper in any sense. And as for GRODT soundtrack, the songs I heard were fiyah. Keep in mind, I’m not even a fan of 50 musically anymore (S, you know I was the first dude putting cats on to him when he wasnt signed) but I’m more of a fan of his attitude and his ability to piss people off. Which entertains me more than any song could.

    I do predict the GRODT soundtrack gonna be good. S, you gonna be in your house listening to it with headphones on and the door locked on the dirty low.

  18. Mo'Nique Says:

    I do predict the GRODT soundtrack gonna be good. S, you gonna be in your house listening to it with headphones on and the door locked on the dirty low.


    that is funny like i said b4 i was a fan as well but his attitude is what turned me off of him and i was like fuq that nicca and you can quote me if u want he is some trash. sooundtrack might be tight if there is other ppl on therer besides him yes he is wise in marketing his beef. ppl will only want to go see the movie to see what he says about the other artist and they will by the cd for the same reason that is why i say he is wise.

  19. e-dubbs Says:

    I dont think the movie got anything to do with his beef with other artists. It might touch on his beef with Ja Rule a bit, maybe. Anyway, you know you got a poster of 50 with his shirt off right above your bed! And you know your gonna go see the movie, question is will it be with me or not.

  20. Mo'Nique Says:

    no neva dat sweetheart i don’t ride on artist dicks like dat my walls are clean. but in my cd playa i got jim jones, juelz santana, three 6 mafia, maceo, and a bunch of otha southern artist dats how i get down im not really feeling dat NY shit right now. how can i put dey to shinny ya dig.

  21. Mo'Nique Says:

    an sum of dat chocolate city go-go if u know what dat is.

  22. e dubbs Says:

    Well, I got some NY shit you sure to feel in them sugarwalls, shawty.

  23. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Regardless of whether this is shite or not, 2 biggie posts in a matter of hours is whats really good.

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