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Stray Shots


Despite media reports, DMX’s lawyer says he did NOT dance out of court the other day….he did however, get a chance to practice his jail pose on the court house steps.

Em’s outta rehab and is in the studio with Dre working on his upcoming Best Of album, Curtain Call,  which is gonna feature two brand new songs.

Everybody needs one of these in their life.

This guy is on his grind as usual. 

Dame made a little trip to the Rocawear offices recently and collected some things. 

This right here is classic. It’s a Q&A session with Biggie from like 95 where he rates a whole bunch of MC’s. Good shit. Here’s what he had to say about KRS-ONE: 

KRS-One: KRS-One?? Naahhh…I don’t like KRS no more ’cause he just think
he’s too dope. He let his ego take over his shit and that’s what brings
him down. When he was like that (shouts "Blow it to yorself"), when he was
like that, then he was a ten but now, ‘I am Hip Hop’!!! Eat a dick nigga.
Eat a muthaphukkin’ dick!

Ding Dong the Witch is dead! Ok, I know that’s foul, but let’s be real, this broad stood against everything I stand for. I know she did a bunch of good shit back in the civil rights days and all, but she cancelled all that out with her behavior in the 90’s.

New Jack City 2? Hey stranger things have happened… 

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  1. e-dubbs Says:

    Biggie frontin’ on The Blastmaster is like Oliver Miller frontin’ on Bill Russell. Hopefully his remarks werent the reason for his downfall but remember KRS said “Listen to the sound of my 9mm…wattattang.. Listen to my 9mm go BANG!”

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