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Preme wanted help from Puff and Jay


The Smoking Gun website today released transcripts of phone conversations between Chris (Lorenzo) Gotti and Kenneth ‘Supreme’ McGriff. During the conversations Mcgriff and Gotti discussed everything from  Ashanti’s relationship with Nelly, 50’s album sales, and the possibility of him approaching Diddy and Jay-Z for money to help his court case. Here are the good parts:

KM: All right I just thought I would give you a call hey um, I was going to write I was going to wrtie, I was going to reach out to Jay and um, and maybe Puff about some shorts for like for like my investigators and stuff – I shouldn’t right?

CL: Yeah you cool, why not?

KM: Yeah I was going to write a little short letter and give it to my investigator and let him talk to them you know what I mean?


On 50’s album The Massacre:

CL: Everyone’s saying the album is garbage. Like I’m not just saying that, you know what I’m sayin.

KM: Yeahm yeah no, no, I mean its copy cat shit man, he’s singing and dancing and everything on his joints now.

CL: Yeah.

KM: But I be thinking, I be thinking he’s staging like, staging uh shootings, shootings, like he creates these things.

CL: I be thinking the same thing, man. 

And finally on Ashanti and Nelly:

KM: So, so, is, is Ashanti still fucking with him?

CL: Nigger, I don’t know! Yo, if I knew, I would say she’s probably still fucking the nigger, but, you know, who cares.

KM: Yeah.

CL: At the end of the day, it is what it is. I mean that’s a grown woman. She can do what the fuck she want to do. 

If you read the whole thing, you’ll see that not only does Preme have a serious stuttering problem, but him and the Gotti brothers were more than a little worried about  50’s sales numbers and how Interscope was  moving against Murder Inc behind the scenes.  You would think someone like Preme would know better than to discuss any of this shit, especially the 50 shit, over the phone from a federal prison, but i guess not.

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3 Responses to “Preme wanted help from Puff and Jay”

  1. Ves Says:

    those are the “good parts” of the convo?—that convo sucks— those two bums gossipin like 2 lil bitches…

  2. cuntnoisseur Says:

    Preme is pissin his pants right now

  3. Mo'Nique Says:

    what he worried bout lil ol Ashanti for Gotti right she a grown ass woman get up 4rm unda her tits man wit his stuttering ass sound like dude off of New Jack City.KM: So, so, is, is Ashanti still fucking with him? it looks like he only stuttered on shyt he was worried bout.

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