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Fuck 50

EDouble: u mad
EDouble: yeah, they do
EDouble: i forgot
VES: you may go on with your business
EDouble: thanks, tell d-block when they have at least one platinum artist, to holla
VES: fuck platinum
EDouble: yeah, its good to say fuck money
VES: gold is in now
EDouble: well, they dont have that either
VES: :-X

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5 Responses to “Fuck 50”

  1. E Double Says:

    I knew I see my name up in lates one day!

  2. Ves Says:

    everybody in my hoods’ sayin FUCK 50…

  3. e-double Says:

    Ves, you dont live in the hood.

  4. VES Says:

    true- but i was quoting SP. GUY!

  5. Mo'Nique Says:

    E-double what are you 50 mascot r u gettin paid if not get off dis mans dick and stop puttin him on top of otha artist that this nigga hates and be ur self. 50 is bitch and fuck him an ery thang he fuckin stands for.

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