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Will Game’s career survive October?


From AHH’s Rumor section:


We as fans have been doing a lot of talking, but I am here to let you know that The Game is not one of the poor souls that is going to be targeted at Jay-Z’s “I Declare War” show later in the month. WHEW! See, I got a statement from Jimmy Henchmen (Game’s high-powered manager) and he said this: “I personally had a conversation with Jay-Z and the rumor about the stripper tape (because there is none) is totally false and he said he’s not gonna be going at Game, so please correct your statement that there’s a stripper tape and Jay-Z is going at Game cause that’s totally incorrect. Game and Jay-Z don’t have beef, he stated on his album he doesn’t go after legends, thanks.” 

I don’t know, I can’t see Jay not going at Game, this dude’s been spouting off at the mouth like a garden hose (no homo). In other news, Cam stated on 106th and Park the other day that he’s ready for Jay, and that all he has to do is say his name. Now Killa’s got a much better chance against Hov than Jim Jones, but he needs to know Jay ain’t no damn Stan Spit. If you clicked that AHH link up there, you also read that Jay and Nas are rumored to be working on the We Major Remix, but if you remember, thats been a rumor since the track showed up on Kanye’s album. How bout this though…how bout Jay and Nas both come out at the Power 105 concert on the 27th and perform that remix? That’s what I’m talking about.

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7 Responses to “Will Game’s career survive October?”

  1. CranberryCrip Says:

    blllllllat, game would beat jay in a diss battle… well if that stripping tape isant true lol

  2. eskay Says:

    ^ Sure your right.

  3. chris dye Says:

    Nice butterfly tatoo thats real hood. Blackwallstreet is wanksta

  4. mike Says:

    game wud av no chance against jigga

  5. Rammy Says:

    I like Game but i like 50 more. I wish they would just get along. Game should be focusing on his music instead of getting involved in other shit.

  6. jghjkjlk Says:


  7. zack Says:

    50 is a bitch and game best rapper now maybe ever

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