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Crunk Sucks


Hell yeah. Somebody was smart enough to finally put this on a t-shirt. Go here and buy it.  No really. Go now. And buy 2 if you have to.

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117 Responses to “Crunk Sucks”

  1. strongchef Says:

    got mine on the way….

  2. VESYBNVS Says:

    i just placed my order

  3. E Double Says:

    i got the remix, “d-block sucks”

  4. Mo'Nique Says:

    crunk don’t suck. crunk music jus get u hyped and ready for what eva so you can’t dis it like that its rape with a harda and fasta beat for you to dance to. maybe i feel dat way because i’m from tha souf i don’t now but its good to me and dats my own opinion and thats urs. ppl don’t like what they don’t undastand it makes dem skurred.

  5. eskay Says:

    Mo’nique, baby, I’m sorry but crunk sucks. You from the durty so you can’t help but like it, but I’m here to tell you: leave it alone! its giving us a bad name. i prescribe 1 jay-z and 1 jadakiss album and call me in the morning.

  6. Mo'Nique Says:

    i got jay and jada but i can’t leave da crunk alone no neva plez don’t say dat. i like go-go to i don’t know if ya in da dc area but go-go is great if ur not in dc go to PaPalace.com and get ur ears wet wit a lil go-go feeling then you call me in tha mornin afta dat BYB, JYB, TCB, UCB, and many othas clear ur ear cannal

  7. eskay Says:

    I’ve heard of go-go but I don’t think I actually ever heard any. I’ll peep that site tho and holla.

  8. TP Wiggles Says:

    I hate to tell you guys this, but crunk sucks, and so does Jay-Z and Jadakiss. The only good rap there is came from the West. I mean jesus, Jadakiss?!?! “Ah-ha” or whatever the fuck that gay noise is that he makes. Please, give me a break.


  9. TP Wiggles Says:

    Correction: Some East Coast music is alright, but 99% of music from the South BLOWS.

    But hey, I’m from out West and homie don’t play that shit.

  10. eskay Says:

    i hope your talking about ras kass or someone from the west that can actually spit, ‘cuz 99% of them kids got nothing on the Right Coast homie.

  11. TP Wiggles Says:

    HA! All you East Coast cats listen to garbage. All I can say about East shit is, “Hey, at least it ain’t Nelly or those dumb-fuck Deep South rappers.” Shit, it pisses me off that this crunk shit is so hype. Just screamin’, ravin’ fools. Like those Yin Yang fucks. Twerkin’ Crunkin’ Runkin’ Dumpkin’ or whatever those morons spit. Shit makes my ears bleed.

    East and West rivalry will always exist cuz, but that South shit (mostly crunk) is just weak as fuck.

  12. TP Wiggles Says:

    Oh, and don’t get me started on Paul Wall, Mike Jones and that clown Slim Thug. Who is Mike Jones? More like, Who needs to shut the fuck up?

  13. eskay Says:

    >>HA! All you East Coast cats listen to garbage.

    All you keep talkin about is how garbage the South is when we already agreed on that. but then you still can’t name no westcoat niggas thats doing it

  14. TP Wiggles Says:

    Whoa. Ya see. You East Coast cats need to slow your row a little bit. Calm down and chill, relax homie, ain’t nothing gonna bite ya.

    Unfortuantely, the West Coast has fallen off. There are only a handful of rappers out on the scene right now, but I mainly listen to old shit. Fuck the radio bro.

    What do I listen to? Of course, NWA, old Dre, old Snoop, Eazy-E, Ice Cube, DOC, Mc Eiht, Eastsidaz, Mac Dre, Keak Da Sneak, some Too Short, E-40, Daz Dillinger, Korrupt, can’t forget Tupac, Compton’s Most Wanted…..

    You know, there ain’t too many mainstream West Coast rappers out right now, but you can have the mainstream. We have the history and the CLASSICS. We have the beats that yall can’t touch and you ain’t got shit in terms of gangsta. We invented gangsta shit, so step back homie, hop on your subway, spay your highrises, talk your shit, but you don’t know shit about the West and how we do it.

    I’m from the 213, and I love this fucking place. To live and die in LA, and that be the truth.

  15. eskay Says:

    >>Unfortuantely, the West Coast has fallen off.

    Don’t body ya self.

  16. TP Wiggles Says:

    HA! Whatever kid. It’s getting late and some of us have to work for a living. I’ve raised my family right and I provide them a good home. I’m from “the streets” but only we didn’t call it that back then. Many a friend has died due to the game, but thats life kid. You sound young, and we’re from a different era. I’m 32, from the same place and era my favorite rappers are from. You can’t take that away from me son. Like I said, it’s the history, and maybe, with luck, you’ll have that too someday.

    You have a good one. I really do mean that, even though you do listen to garbage.

  17. eskay Says:

    >>You sound young, and we’re from a different era.

    there you go again.

    seriously dog your killin yourself. you come on here talking about i listen to garbage, then you beat around the bush before admiting that west ain’t got it no more. then you try to throw names around like NWA and Cube, like I ain’t from the same era. i’ll admit ya’ll started that gangsta shit (well actually it was Schooly d, but whatever), but just admit that the East started and runs everything nucca, and always will

  18. CooLocSet Says:

    Im from tha midwest but to help out the west du:


  19. eskay Says:

    I got love for the West Coast but when niggas start running off at the mouth and talking down to me like I’m a 14 year old Dipset fan, like I don’t have a PHD in hip hop, I get a little tight.

    It’s all love though Wiggles, that’s what this site is for, to put these arguments out there so everybody can have their two cents.

  20. southerncomfort Says:

    man fuck all yall! the souf be holdin it down. east an west jus full o fougaisys. shit, houston were i roll so fuck la an nyc both just bitch ass niggas.

  21. eskay Says:

    ^ See what I’m talking about.

  22. Mo'Nique Says:

    that’s right eskay speak ur mind. tell me what u thought of tha Go-Go site. but back on topic the crunk music i love its sumthin new its out the box and will stay out tha box. ppl fear what they don’t understand and try to stay clear from it but yet they listen to it. no matter how much u claim to hate it u listen to it an to say it don’t make u move no matter how loud they yell and to tell u the truth that is lil jons doin i don like him to tuff personally but he has a few trax that i fuqqs wit hard. but other artist are quite extravaggant. now from the wiggles guy talkin bout the west coast com on guy really. that is most definitely a joke i will give u snoop, cube, easy-e, and bonethugs and harmony they was tha shit in tha 90’s, but its a new day an era and that is where this crunk shit falls in instead of hatin jus say it aint for u.

  23. TP Wiggles Says:

    Alright you guys. I’ve never really dug the south scene, so I don’t listen to much of it. So I guess it’s just NOT FOR ME. As for the East, I’ve never really liked the style. It’s not laid back enough… I love chill music, and that’s what the West does best. East is for battle cats, and South is for getting crazy as fuck in the club. I’m just a laid back dude.

    Recently I’ve been quite prejudiced against Easterners cuz I work with a few kids that are from New York, Boston and shit. I just can’t stand the cats. Sorry for lumping you guys all together.

    As for the shit being hot and stuff, I don’t really care what’s popular, you know? Like I said, I don’t listen to he radio very much.

  24. TP Wiggles Says:

    Oh, and I listen to a lot of underground fools from around here that none of you would ever have heard of. I’m sorry, but WESTSIDE! :)

    Aye, I see Southern dudes throwin up the dub, whats up with that?

  25. eskay Says:

    >>Recently I’ve been quite prejudiced against Easterners cuz I work with a few kids that are from New York, Boston and shit. I just can’t stand the cats. Sorry for lumping you guys all together.

    I hear you man, we can be some arrogant motherfuckers.

  26. The God Says:

    East Coast Rap is superior to all other forms of rap period! That southern rap bullshit is the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard! Every time a southern rapper opens his mouth he sets the culture back 20 years. And don’t even get me started on that West Coast Bullshit!
    There will always be an East Coast movement because Hip Hop means more to people on the East Coast! It’s just a way to make money to southern and west coast cats! Thats why… when thier day is over it will be over for good, and the East will keep it movin’ as usual!

  27. lilcrazy Says:

    wut bout the grls now? come on there are some grls out in the rap world

  28. hip-hop fan Says:

    Jean Grae…she’s a great female mc.

  29. GangstaGold Says:

    why the number one rap song sucks!
    Hip hop, rap has lost it’s luster. It comes off as so very uneducated and ignorant, I have no desire to listen to hip hop music anymore. I will listen to reggaeton anyday before I will play any rap. In fact I do not even listen to hip hop or rap anymore, it has been so destroyed and exploited!

    I will tell the world why this song called GRILLS by Nelly and Paul Walls is the worst rap song in history and absolutely sucks! This is such disrespect to the jewelry business, the real jewelers who work in this business and to the entire gold teeth business. It is a total and complete disrespect and I do take it personally!

    I am GangstaGold, the owner founder and brainchild of GangstaGold.com online. I am not impressed about rappers who want to be jewelers overnight without any skills, education or experience in the jewelry industry and who rap about robbing the jewelry store to get their mouth bling on.

    Rappers need to concentrate on growing up and doing and rapping about the right things! They are role models to young children, teenagers and adults.

    I guess we need to build more prisons, cemetaries and drug treatment centers because if people idolize and follow this crap, that is right where they are going to end up!

    I suppose money and greed can not buy you everything!

    I did not become GangstaGold by flashing my grill in anyones face or robbing the jeweler store. I work like a dog literally every day with one intention of making everyones fine jewelry dreams come true.

    Yes I sell custom removable gold teeth but I do not and will never exploit my gold teeth business. It is not a game or a rap song to me, It is my livelihood day in and day out. These rappers are the biggest bunch of hypocrites ever!

    This has to be the most ignorant, disrepectful rap song ever in history. Why would you disprespect the jeweler who makes these beautiful gold teeth?

    It is shame but the only good hip hop is on COLLEGE RADIO, hip hop that makes sense and has real meaning!

    These number one songs about grills and gold teeth are the worst representation of hip hop and rap music ever and extremely disrespectful to those of us who make out our living entirely on selling custom removable teeth bling and hip hop jewelery.

    Besides, anyone can own a gold teeth shop as he does in Texas. All you have to do is get a business license and a storefront, it is not that difficult. This does not make you an experienced or established jeweler. Maybe someone will rob or jack his jewelry store for mouthing off so much! He deserves it big time.

    As far as I am concerned, I am the real peoples champ and I don’t need the fame or fortune. I service the publics jewelry needs straight from my heart, not from my pocketbook or ego!

    Absolutely disgusting, offensive and sounds like a 2 year old wrote it!-
    Mood: disrespected
    http://www.gangstagold.com: GangstaGold.com

  30. eskay Says:

    ^somebody takes their jewlery game seriously

  31. raythalegend Says:

    the south don’t suck u niggaz do bcuz we runnin’ this shit now and we r not about to let it go

  32. CAF Says:

    Aw, c’mon. You cant dis NYC, all that hip-hop/graffiti cullture started in the boroughs. Yeah, both sides are whack now. East, west, south, EVERYTHING. I’d rather listen to turntablism than this bullshit nowadays. Prepubecent teens thinking its cool to blast lil jon and scream what deserve to be swiss cheesed up.

    Nobody was making reccords in the early 90’s like the east coast was. I’ll give you that.

    But east coast 80’s was the most historic era in hip hop. The rock steady crew, slick rick, sugar hill gang, run dmc, all influenced those cats up in the west. If you were to ask dre or snoop, they’d give the east props fo sho.

    And 95-98 was that whole underground east coast hip hop shit. Big pun, DJ Clue, funk master flex, biggie.

    The south just sucks.

  33. whateva Says:

    Eskay you must be very proud to be a East Coast critic. To say a region is garbage is plain wrong. But it’s ok though because at least I can sleep at night knowing that I have respect for other cultures. Your potential bias is what started the east vs west thing and now you guys commin at the south. But as I always say every region has it’s time and it’s the souths time. Im pretty sure ill time will be over soon. So, until then…

    R.I.P NY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. eskay Says:

    who’s gong at a whole region? go to the front page and check what I just posted. I got love for the south, but that doesn’t change the fact that 97% of Crunk sucks.

  35. Tha Bay Says:

    These East Coast Heads hatin on the south and the West because they both at one time (or in the south’s case, Right NOW!) took over somethin they side created. Tell your MC’s to step they marketing Game up. Don’t get mad at the south because they got a bunch of artist gettin cake off Bangin ass beats and catchy hooks while your top artist (50 of course) is pretty much following the same formula. Get with the times man. Not too many people wanna hear that poetic lyrical knowledge shit. They want somethin thats gone have a big booty bitch grindin on them, or for a female, make that ass start bouncin. Stick to the stript and maybe yall can do some more numbers. Don’t don’t come in here sayin they fuckin the game up, cuz on the real, they just makin it alot better. Look at the west, we on the dirt bottom right now but you don’t see us bitch and complainin about the south and the state of hip-hop. We out here gettin ours on our own tellin them major label execs to kiss our independent asses! Just you backpack ass East Coast niggaz. Get ya money south!! and keep bringin that CRUNK shit! This west coast nigga is lovin it!!


  36. Tha Bay Says:

    Keep ya head up south, this west coast nigga riddin with yall!!!!!

  37. eskay Says:

    >>Get with the times man. Not too many people wanna hear that poetic lyrical knowledge shit. They want somethin thats gone have a big booty bitch grindin on them, or for a female, make that ass start bouncin. Stick to the stript and maybe yall can do some more numbers.

    I give up.

  38. reppin South Africa Says:

    I like crunk!!!!!!!!!

  39. haha Says:

    reppin South Africa:

    crunk sucks and so do people who listen to it…

  40. dj smurve Says:

    west coast music sucks….and that up north music sucks too…they aint got
    no fly beats that you can ride with and can you say punk ass buster when you riding down the beach in panama or daytona and your bumpin some slow garbage like those garbage ass rappers …I dont think so…get a life and some real beats…

  41. I am a Gabber Says:

    West, east, midwest, north, south, it all sucks.

    You know what music gets you pumped? Gabber. It is the only true hardcore sound, everything else is just a bunch of pussies.

    Also DnB/Jungle is the best beatz around. Reggae lyrics to DnB beatz is better than this crunk shit anyday.

  42. Smoke D Says:

    If it wasn’t for the south club would be nothing, because the south is the Kings of Crunk and that’s on the real tip if you understand south talk.

  43. Deep 3rd Says:

    To Tha Bay. Thats what Im talkin bout! You showin nothin but love. And hey, I dont just think, I know the west is gonna come back hard and when they do, this dirty south nigga will countinue holdin it down for y’all. As for all ya’ll haters, ya’ll need to stop hatin and give props where its due. The south is on top right now. Thats just all it is to it.

  44. BMan Says:

    I’m from the South and I think that Crunk, Jig, and all that shit SUCKS!!!

    You tell me where the talent is in that shit? The beats sound like they came from Casio keyboards straight outta WalMart and I can’t even understand a word that them fools are spittin!?

    Dirty South RAP is the most unoriginal form of HipHop.

  45. Throggsneckbridge Says:


  46. Throggsneckbridge Says:






    # dj smurve Says:
    March 19th, 2006 at 10:30 pm

    west coast music sucks….and that up north music sucks too…they aint got
    no fly beats that you can ride with and can you say punk ass buster when you riding down the beach in panama or daytona and your bumpin some slow garbage like those garbage ass rappers …I dont think so…get a life and some real beats…


  48. Deep 3rd Says:

    Everybody is entitled to their OPINION. That doesn’t change the FACT that the south is on top, hate it or love it. I’ll be the first to say that rap started in New York, and I got love for rappers from coast to coast, but come on haters! Ya’ll tryin’ to say that southern rappers have no talent! Man, its plenty of talent down here. 50 cent was makin’ beef raps takin’ shots at anybody he could think of to make a little money. It don’t take much talent to do that. Ya’ll haters are trippin’ for real. Can’t stand it cause’ the south has taken over. All I can tell ya is DEAL WIT IT.

  49. downsthcat Says:

    Yo, I’m from the south and I gotta say that CRUNK SHIT SUCKS!!!!!! Lil John is a fucking DORK!!!! Dosent Crunk Juice=SPERM???? Little john drinks a lot of sperm!!!!!! Dem Franscise boys?? WTF, so fucking unoriginal… I think TI, DFB’s, little john, bonecrusher, mike jones, corney ass paul wall, and every other south rapper should all go to Atlanta and BUTTFUCK each other everyday 24 hours a day so I dont have to hear their goffy ass shit music on the fucking radio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fucking Vanallia Ice has more talent then any of the above. NO ONE CAN DENY THAT EITHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. ONELOV Says:

    west coast music sucks….and that up north music sucks too…they aint got
    no fly beats that you can ride with and can you say punk ass buster when you riding down the beach in panama or daytona and your bumpin some slow garbage like those garbage ass rappers …I dont think so…get a life and some real beats…

    ppsssssshhhhhhhh… Yo I cant be bumpin no corny ass, COUNTRY crunk shit headed ova the manhattan bridge into the city!!! Only that REAL NEW YORK SHIT!!!!!!!!! Fuck otta here YO!

  51. Will Says:

    There is good music and bad music from all areas but NYC started it and we have always been the shining light. It all relates to the artform. None of us benefit from any money made by the Little John’s and JZ’s of the world. To people that really know about hip hop its all about the artform and that goes for any coast or whatever. NYC is home to the best and brightest in the game and it will always be that way. When The Chronic came out I loved it, when TI is on top of his game I love it as well but right now I can’t stand most of the product coming out of the south. Its not about the club, big booties, or any of that. Hell I used to spark a blunt and bang dimes to Poor Righteous Teachers. I never needed music to get some azz but back to the point. Its about the artform and Laffy Taffy is not art nor is Dem Franchise Boyz. Its trash and it will be out of here in a NY minute.

  52. Deep 3rd Says:

    Laffy Taffy is not art nor is Dem Franchise Boyz. Its trash and it will be out of here in a NY minute.

    But Chicken Noodle Soup is art, right?

  53. Lil John Says:

    Whyyyy!!! Ya’ll hateN on a Nigga!!! Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhh!!! Ok!!! Skeet Skeet Skeet!!!! Y’all just bunch of HateN MutherFuckas dat dont know how 2 Party Hard CrUnK Style!!! Come to da AtL booooiii!!! an weel snatch ya Chain!!!

  54. suckmeraw22 Says:

    Whyyyy!!! Ya’ll hateN on a Nigga!!! Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhh!!! Ok!!! Skeet Skeet Skeet!!!! Y’all just bunch of HateN MutherFuckas dat dont know how 2 Party Hard CrUnK Style!!! Come to da AtL booooiii!!! an weel snatch ya Chain!!!

    Iz there a bunch of farms and cows and shit in ATL???? Have you ever fucked a farm animal???? LOL

  55. ONELOVE Says:

    Whyyyy!!! Ya’ll hateN on a Nigga!!! Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhh!!! Ok!!! Skeet Skeet Skeet!!!! Y’all just bunch of HateN MutherFuckas dat dont know how 2 Party Hard CrUnK Style!!! Come to da AtL booooiii!!! an weel snatch ya Chain!!!

    First of all, no one here HATIN stupid! Jus vocin our opionion! Yo, aint no one from NYC sweatin no cruntry ass ATL niggas!!! LOL You niggas think slow, talk slow, just plain slow. NYC niggas come down south, get your girl pregnant and rob your silly asses…… Actually all u niggas just plain gofy!!!

  56. Will Says:

    No Chicken Noodle Soup is not art. You cannot redefine NY hip hop with one song. You have to peep the history. If one song or one artist could define an entire region TI would make Atl look like it has legit artist but he is a flicker of light in utter darkness. Make no mistake. We understand that Atl is about the party and that is cool but in NYC not only do we party hard we also have culture, sophistication, and intellectual complexity. It is the reason that we demand quality in our music. Chicken Noodle Soup, White Tee, Nuck if You Buck, and all that other trash is for idiots and kids. I party, drink, smoke, cut, ride a kitted 300 C, live in a 6 bedroom house, have a MBA, make 6 figures, travel the world, and live it up. But, while I get my party on I also demand that my music have a soul to it. The trash that a lot of rappers make nowadays sounds like stuff that anyone could make.

  57. Will Says:

    I hate to agree with One Love but so many of the cats that get on blogs to rep Atl or any part of the south come off crazy ignorant. Black people have a chance now to say and do anything they want. We have a voice in hip hop but they limit the voice to the club and the corner. Life is bigger than that but them its everything. Who lives for the club, rims, black & milds, and big booties? Well aside from the big booties part I can’t relate to such a small world which equals a small mind. I remember when you could actually learn something and be entertained with hip hop. But isn’t it a mistake to consider most of this stuff as hip hop. Isn’t it just a way to get paid and support every negative stereotype that has ever been associated with black people?

  58. Deep 3rd Says:

    No Chicken Noodle Soup is not art. You cannot redefine NY hip hop with one song.

    But its seems everybody on this blog thats hatin on southern rap wants to define the south with just a few artist or songs. It is also ignorant and small minded to think that down here all we do is party and go to clubs just because of some music you here on the radio or on MTV. You tyin to say that southerners have no culture, sophistication, and interllectual complexity because we’re from the south? You dont think that comment One Love made came off as a crazy ignorant response? This person sounds no more sophisticated than Lil John’s response. He can’t even spell opinion!

  59. Will Says:

    Now we have a fundamental disconnect. I will ask a question that should create a good baseline. Is the majority of the music that has come out of the south garbage? Mind you that I am talking about all of the music. I am not silly enough to think that all of the music from the south is wack but the majority is–point blank. The same is true of NY as of late but we have enough history to out last chicken noodle soup.

    Lastly, we all misspell a word or two every now and then. And yes Onelove was a bit over the top but I partially agreed with the very last statement “Actually all u niggas just plain gofy!!!” but I would not say all.

    In fact I have met some real heads from the south, but my point is that the majority is suspect. That is a reality that we have to live with.

  60. Deep 3rd Says:

    Yes New York rappers have more complex lyrical skills and most southern rap is point blank. But I dont think that all or even the majority of the music that comes from the south is garbage. But then I certainly dont think its all good either. LIke I said though. everybody is entitled to their own opinionI’m afraid that this fact isn’t helping New York because it still dont change the fact that the south is hot and New York is not

  61. Deep 3rd Says:

    And I dont mean that last sentance as a cheap shot, its also reality that we have to live with. And tryin to hide behind the history is pointless. Yes hip hop was born in New York and like I said, I got love for NY for introducing hip hop to the world but its not the 70’s and 80’s anymore. Instead of New Yorkers cryin about the fate of hip hop and always bringing up the history, and always talkin about hip hop is dead and the south is killin it, maybe its time for NY rappers to step thier game up because you know as well as I know that NY fell off a long time ago. As far as hip hop being an artform, I think all forms of hip hop is art.
    Everybody is not gonna like the same kind of art. So whether you think Laffy Taffy or Dem Franchise Boys is art or not its your opinion.

    However, I agree with you about Laffy Taffy. I never liked that song.

  62. Chronic Says:

    Haha,you know all these southern people/fans(most atl) runin their mouths talkin bout “fuck NYC fuck west mayne south doin it big” are the ones with very VERY low self asteem,it took about what 20/30 years for the south to step up their game,why is that? can someone be a SMART ASS and tell me why? no let me tell you why,because rap was ruled and powered by educated SMART rappers who had sense,now that mostly “white people” kind of have power over BET and all that,music is going to hell,see what happens is the white man sits a dumb ass southern rapper with a stinky white tee everyday wearen placky cheap bubble gum machine grill wearen stink ass smellen like stank sweat and calone ass dumb ass ignorant country motha fucka,and tells him (the white man)”I got an idea,why don’t you do a song/a dance,this will be hot,everyone will fill it”) and (the dumb ass under ground desperate southern rapper) YEAAA SHAWTY YEEE I FEEL DAT SHII RIGH THEERRRR CUZZZ”) (the white man) :laughs in my head “ok you dumb nigger,IIII MEAAN :D YOU SMART BLACK MAN” lets put this dance and song on the radio we’ll even pay you and make a video for you (to really make black people look stupid) and (the dumb ass southern rapper) YEAAA CUZZZZ IM DOWN FO DAT SHAWTTYYY” and it goes ON and ON I’m 15 years old man,I know better then mostly all these southern rappers,the only tallent they have is to throw up the A town sign,or THEIR sign,show their grill,smile and do retarded dances,wtf CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP? SHOULDA LEAN? SNAPPEN YA FINGERS? do we call this dancing? CHAIN HANG LOW? PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY? wow look at rap WHAT IS THIS KIDS BOP the white man is behind all this,we can’t let them destroy us black men,don’t take all that southern shit I said personally if you’re from the south I was maken an example,please I ask you,if your gonna atleaste TRYYY to take over hip hop,do it the right and correct way please,by the way WALK IT OUT is the most retarded song I ever HEARD in my life! I’M SORRY TO SAY TO THE SOUTH YOU ARE NOT TAKING OVER ANYTHING YOU ALL NEED RADIO PLAY TO GET A HIT THATS WEAK,you have no tallent,thats like ethiopians tryna rap da fuck outta here man get yalls shit straight,and the only reason why south gets pissed off at NYC they come at NYC cause their jelous of how smart NY people are,they don’t have intelligent in their bloods,they don’t even know where to START atl the movie? WORST “GANGSTA/HOOD” movie ever MADE bad acting,NO STORY LINE it SUCKS! again SOUTH HAS NO TALLENT now now southern DUMB ASSES I said DUMB ASSES not souther people,anyway..don’t get mad when you see midwest,east coast,west coast on BET and maken hits,again your not taken over,you dont have enough power to shut us all down HAHA you all WISH!
    -MidWest mofo(watch a dumb ass reply with “mayne fuck you mayne south taken over mayne”) thats all they can say LOL!


  63. Will Says:


    lets take a look at what that really means……Hot to who? What is the measuring stick for “hotness”? Is it record sales, airplay, video play, word on the street? Define what makes the South hot because if it is for any of the aforementioned reasons then its bullshit. Record sales means that you have persuaded white kids in Boise Idaho to buy your shit–that will never define hotness. Airplay and video play means that the record label, other media distribution networks, and publicists are pushing your shit, which ultimately means that the music is pop-friendly (i.e. non-controversial, simple, catchy, and full of the lowest common denominators).

    In NY we have never sweated record sales, airplay, or any of the other things that have become the normal indicators of success. We only give a shit about the music. I have had countless conversations with cats about hip hop and whenever I definitively state that Lil John or Chingy is wack I get the same response–“but they makin money”. That to me spells it all. I am surrounded by idiots. When I roll a joint and play my music at home–what the fuch do I care about someone else’s money, or who they date, or what they drive. For someone to get to the point where the actual music and the talent that goes into it become secondary to living vicariously through someone else they have to be gullible and stupid.

    I remember when Hammer was a big deal. I looked at everyone that bought that shit as a complete buffoon. He couldn’t flow, his concepts were pitiful, his whole demeanor was garbage, but he sold a shitload of records. I looked at the entire world with utter amazement. The same thing happened with Vanilla Ice. Then it happened again with Coolio, Young MC, and countless others. Then came NAS he gave us a classic in Illmatic and it only went gold and there is my point. That CD changed the course of hip hop. It has permanency because of the power of the art form.

    Now I have the same look on my face when I see Dem Franchise Boys, Ying Yang Twins, and the other Sambos that Atl mass produces. They will get all the air time, sell all the records, and possibly awards, but they will never be HOT.

  64. Chronic Says:

    Hell yeah ^^^ exactly,these southern rappers think they somewhat taken over now that they finally got shit on tv and radio play and all that shit,they got VERY low self asteem,once again their jelous of New Yorkers cause they can’t do what they do,all they know is “snap ya fingaz,il snatch ya chain,i lean with it,I rock with it” OK???!!! your point IS get that weak shit out of here,Southern rappers and NY rappers goin head to head in a freestyle battle? come on now,I think we all know who would win(not the south) these motha fuckas are to scared to even pick up a book,all they can say is “stack that doe fuck them hoes,YAAY I DID A RHYME” haha and then they wonder why west coast and mid west and east coast still maken music “what happend I thought we we’re taken over” YOUR NOT thats the point,NYC invented rap respect that shit,u caint take somethin from somebody else especially if u suck at it,thats like indians tryna take over rock and roll and shit,”we taken over yeaaaaaa” rofl funny shit.

  65. Deep 3rd Says:

    Ok. First of all, when did I ever state that these artist are hot because they makin big money? I don’t recall sayin that Lil John or Ying Yang Twins or any other rapper is hot cause’ they makin money. The only comment I recall making about an artist making money is when I said 50 Cent was makin beef raps to make a little money and I said that because he knows controversy sells. Why you think the name of the album was called – Get Rich or Die Tryin. And while he tryin to say southern rappers only rap about clubs and stuff, what was the number one track on that album that the radio played over and over and over – In The Club! Man, how many times I gotta say it? What you like or don’t like is your opinion. Whether you think Lil John, Mike Jones, D4L is hot or not is your opinion. The world is not going to start hatin’ a song cause’ you hate it. What law says music has to always be controversial or even has to relate to everybody? I mean damn! Does music always have to be so serious? What relates to some aint gonna relate to others. Who always wanna here about who got shot or how many times this rapper says he got shot or how much dope they sellin’. Maybe people it relates to but not all people can relate to that no more then everybody can relate to some rapper sayin he got 5 million dollars and a Bentley.

    Lastly, I didnt say the south was hot just because these artist are selling a lot of records or getting a lot of air play. You wanna know why the south is hot? Simple. Its the south’s time.

  66. Deep 3rd Says:

    And mannn!!! who is this little brat! I see why you call yourself Chronic cause’ it sound like you been smokin’ hard! Just say no to drugs lil’ daddy. You aint always got to fit in with the crowd. Aint nobody hatin’ down here cause’ we dont need to. The south is runnin’ things and you obviously can’t handle it. DEAL WIT IT SHAWDY!!! We got low self-esteem?!?! HA! HA! HA!Thats the funniest shit I’ve heard in a while! Why would we have low self-esteem. Your the one who can’t deal with reality. And since when is talent spelled with two L’s yet you try to call us dumb. Yes, people misspell a word or two every now and then, but when you misspell the same word three times in a row, that means its time to stop skippin’ school to smoke some chronic. You ought to have low-esteem, or “asteem” as you spell it for this – sounds like you never pick up any books. You talkin’ about a freestyle battle? Man, yall just don’t know. Yall hear these same few songs on the radio and MTV and BET and think all rappers from the south rap like that. We got rappers down here that can break off NYC’s best. But you know what? You seem ignorant enough to want to see an east vs. south conflict. We aint got shit to prove to no haters, we just keep em’ hatin’ so stay on ya job, stay in school – don’t ever quit, and stay off the computer after hours cause’ you know thats when its past your bed time.

    On top of it all, we aint even tryin’ to do NY hip hop down here. We got our own style of hip hop.

  67. Chronic Says:

    Haha,I love how i got this old wrinkled bag of shit man pissed off,probaly some fucken 30 year old talken head on his mommas Rent a center computer,so I miss spelled a word,sue me already,but does that make me a bad person? lol does that make me dumb?See you can’t handle the fact that I came at the south so hard and told the truth,face it NYC made up rap,if it wasnt for NY god knows what yall would be doing right now,all yall bitches can do is lean “rock with it” and snap ya fingas i mean come on now only fags snap they fingers SO SNAP SNAP SNAP AWAY LIL BITCH don’t talk yo country lil shit bitch u wanna talk some real shit nigga meet me half way get the fuck layed out lil fuck boi lil bitches like u who talk head on the net get toe taged and body baged lil fucka lmao dis shit funny,anyway aint nothin wrong with defending where you from,but atleaste I aint no bitch who caint handle the truth,You a little fruity faggot who got no tallent and the south got no tallent at all and thats hard to swallow,I bet u had a dictionary by yo side while you was popen out shit outta yo ass lil bitch,yall been admiring what NY,east coast,mid west do for years,now that yall finally got the spolight yall think yall better than everybody else and somewhat taken over and yeah you all have low self asteem MOST of you,don’t judge me by a username I chose to have you old crustie peice of shit probaly looken like motha fucken bill gates worken for geek squad with his black on black MalcomX think layer fogy bifo glasses lil fucken computer nerd probaly think he hacken shit cause he know HTML lil fucken big placky braces faded high water wearen lil bitch I bet u go to the Goldan Coral stuffen gummie bears in ya pocket u fucken Dial up free trial Net Zero haven motha fucka lmao im out this shit and if you so worried about how I’m gettin my education and me going to school,why don’t you finish yo education you fucked up drop out peice of old man liven off ya momma shit! lmao ~1~

  68. Deep 3rd Says:

    Spoken like a true middle school drop out with no home training.

  69. Will Says:

    Deep 3rd you can’t have it both ways (well technically you can but we are talking about music)

    You cannot say that the south is hot and then say that it has nothing to do with money (i.e media coverage, radio play, bill board status = money). To say that the south is hot now is to say that something has changed unless you feel that the south has always been hot and even your patriotism for your beloved GA cannot be that influential. You say that we cannot judge the south because of garbage like the Ying Yang Twins (god I hate them), D4L (I hate them even more), Dem Franchise Boys (they make black people look like fuckin idiots), Lil John, Bone Crusher, Young Joc (the worst on the mic ever), and the list goes on, but these very artist represent the southern movement. They are undoubtedly the reason that you proclaim that the South is so HOT!!! Are you saying that the Southern underground artists are the core of Southern hotness? I think not. Also, I guarantee that the southern underground artist love NY hip hop.

    And before anyone starts using the word hater out of context, which I am sure someone will, I want to say that all areas have good and bad artists. Any fool can see that. My point is that the best ratio of good and bad artist is in NY. Nonetheless, hip hop as a whole is in a state of disarray I HATE 95% OF THE NEW SHIT WHETHER ITS NY OR WHEREEVER…….BUT I HATE 99.9999999% OF THE SHIT COMING OUT OF GA…..

    You guys have 3 artist Outcasts, TI, and Luda.

  70. Dot Says:

    If you know HIP HOP, if you grew up with HIP HOP, if you are HIP HOP, if you know your history, there is no way you can tell a head that the popular music coming out of the south is hot. It’s just not. There are a FEW who represent from down south, but the majority or HIP HOP from down south is shameful. It makes blacks look foolish. I feel ashamed at 98% of the southern music I hear. There is only good music, and bad music. Most popular music form down south is BAD, one dimensional trash that feeds the antiniggamachine of America.

  71. Dot Says:

    Dunkin and punchin mokey’s,
    don’t nobody come from my hood but a bunch of junkies.

    Young Dro!

    I rest my case your honor.

  72. Chronic Says:

    Lol what is it with this guy and drop outs,I think he’s a grown man whos living with his momma and he wishes he hadn’t never droped out of school and now that life is fucked up for him he realizes how essential education IS haha old man don’t worry about me and my education worry about yourself :)

  73. Dot Says:

    FYI NYC did not make up rap. It started in this country in NYC. There is a BIG difference. Egocentric Americans will not agree, but it’s the truth.

  74. Chronic Says:

    OH REALLLY smart ass where it start then tell me that haha dumb fuck u probaly some wigger looken like Vanilla ice talkin bout “ICE BABYYYY” u fucken fake nigga u can only say it started in this country but u dont know WHERE STFU BITCH BOI LMAO

  75. Will Says:


    Fall back with the language….its not conducive to the conversation

    In a virtual environment such as this name calling is pointless because only your intellect is presented, and for what its worth the representation of your thought process is sub par.

    I suspect that you will respond with something to the effect of “fuck you, you fake as nigga you probably live with your mother blah blah blah” so please surprise me. Add value to the dialogue.

    Also, DOT where do you think that hip hop originated? Jamaica perhaps; for that matter we could say that hip hop is a biproduct of some tribal African cultural retention but that would be a long shot.

    I think not but I await your response!

  76. Dot Says:

    Chronic, above where I state “it makes blacks look foolish”, I was speaking about people like you. You wrote a whole paragraph without a period. What are you in 4th grade? Trying to hide your inadequacies with humor and disses. You’re a mildy retarded ass. Where is Kool Herc from? Hint… not this country. He simply did things for the first time in this country, that had been done for the longest in his home country. Just because y’all (Americans) hadn’t seen it, doesn’t mean it didn’t exist. It was simply the first time y’all (Americans) had seen it in this country. It was, and is called toasting and dubbin. Now before you continue to debate. Take a 5th grade language arts class, check your history, and turn off the TV. The TV is the main culprit causing your mild retardation.

    Will, you are right on point. Kool Herc is from Jamaica. Getting on the wheels of steel, extending breaks, and rythmic rhyming to the beat was done far before he came to this country. He simply wanted to do here what he had seen and many times in his childhood growing up. He wanted to have a sound system. How do I know? Well Kool Herc himself told me during live conversation on the underground railroad radio show in NYC. I have spoken with the man himself 3-4 times regarding this. This debate and conversation was live on air for millions to hear, approximately 2 years ago. So Will, there really is no debating these points. They came straight from the “Originators mouth.” Chronic, hold these nuts real quick.

  77. Dot Says:

    Matter of fact Chronic you haven’t used a period once on this page. This tells me that there is no way you should have graduated high school, and you’re not worthy of a debate.

  78. Chronic Says:

    damn right fuck u nigga u aint shit lmao

  79. Dot Says:

    You’re a little boy. Grow up.

  80. Chronic Says:

    will probaly some ugly ass ercle looken motha fucka with some big black on black malcomX bifo fogy glasses with his big ass thesauras on the side looken up big vocabulary words nigga think he a profeser with his yellow lint ball vest sweater and his pocadot bow tie talkin bout “Chronic fall back with the language”motha fucka fuck u geek computer nerd shit gonna tell me to watch ma language like this some PG site or this where little kids hang fuck u bitch nigga with yo fucken free trial Earthlink dial up haven ass motha fucka FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCKITY FUCK!

  81. Dot Says:

    This site is wack. I’m out. Take my email out your mailing list y’all.


  82. eskay Says:

    >>This site is wack. I’m out. Take my email out your mailing list y’all.

    maybe if I had one…smh

  83. Will Says:


    Back to the convo…did anyone hear Freddie Fox dissing Rakim?

    By the way, Chronic you are officially an idiot. Anyone that tries to be a virtual thug hiding behind a computer screen is a mental midget.

    To debate with an idiot means that I will have to “come down” to your level and you are an expert on that level–have a nice life

  84. Deep 3rd Says:

    I knew that boy was a drop out. He’ll still be livin’ with his mamma when he 50. But enough about him.

    Lets back up a second Will, so I can clarify some things. I said that the south is hot because its the south’s time. A lot of the attention in hip hop is on the south right now. I’ll say this until yall understand that what you think is good or bad music is your opinion. Hey, I respect yall opinions. Your entitled to like or hate what you want. However on the subject of media coverage, air play, or record sales, its a fact that southern artist sale more CDs than their northern counterparts so while you may think southern rap is garbage, others like it most of them buy the music. Then you have underground artist, very successful reality artist such as UGK who have sold CDs for years without much media coverage, without much video play, long before Big Pimpin with Jay-Z. The south became hot because it was new and different than the norm. Now, I’ll admit that describiing the south as hot just may be an overkill in terms, but the fact remains that the spotlight is on southern rap and not just on GA (which by the way, I never claimed to be from GA). So, no you can’t judge the south by just these artist. There’s more to the south than crunk. Crunk music is just that, crunk music. Either you like it or you don’t. It wasn’t meant to contain social or political issues. And you guarantee that southern underground artist love NY hip hop? Guess what? I can guarantee the same. The majority of southern rappers do. We ain’t hatin’ on NYC. But I can also guarantee that somewhere in New York, somebody is gettin’ crunk to some Lil John or sittin sidewayz to some Paul Wall.

  85. Chronic Says:

    Hey will,how about a nice cup of SHUT THE FUCK UP,I knew you wasnt real deep 3rd,how you gone call me a drop out because I dont spend a hour inputing such “crucial” words and use a paragraph in the proper form,I’m a drop out because I don’t use a dictionary to help back me up *cough* will….anyways,for someone like you to use a insult with the term “drop out” is a very low person,am I a drop out? nah,but I thought about it lots of times,if you were so educated as you claim to be,you would know these public schools are setup to fail black men,they dont want US to succeed,you know america is built on racism(if your educated),how we NIGGAS get stoped when we innocent drivin in our cars,then here comes a sell out like you gettin on a nigga talkin about dropin out,son I couldnt drop out if I wanted to,and will(you aint shit) either your a sell out,or your a white cracka whos so inlove with the black culture and you assume I’m a virtual thug because you can’t be one yourself.And will if your over the age of 25 arguing with a 15 year old on a website,please stop.Obviously you aint shit and you know that,so you use big words to make you somebody,I’m pretty sure u come in the hood with yo fake punk sell out ass u wont get no respect,and deep 3rd don’t take out your live reality actions onto the internet as insults and comebacks,pretty low there.You say it’s the souths time to shine,well that time is over believe it or not,and honestly america is going down the tubes itself so by the time blood is splattered on the streets you wont even think about Georgia,Texas,New York etc.And will “steping down to my level” son you have no level,your lower than dirt,the fact that your a grown ass man siting on your ass with a dictionary by your side doesn’t make you superior from where I stand as a black man,anyway as I said before school is nothing but a game,it’s the white mans teritory,Unlike you will I didn’t grow up wearing faded high waters and a lint ball sweater with some payless buckle shoes and a lunch box on my way to a Private school,trust me b momma aint raise no fool,don’t worry about me and where I’m gonna get in life,I’ll be fine,you need to start worrying about yourself deep3rd instead of bookmarking a shitload of websites that let you input your negative comments because you like the fact of arguing on the internet(same with you will) but if this was real I bet will would keep his mouth shut cause he would get droped like the cracka bitch he is,so anyway deep3rd it aint about what side is taken over or not but the comments I made we’re about why music is so shity now days.Stop taking this “forum” or what ever the hell you want to call,to the heart.

  86. Will Says:

    Dam Sun

    You continually show that you’re less than bright. Deep 3rd–I think that he is admitting that he is a drop out. Chronic if you can’t handle public school then trust me you will have very few opportunities in life. You can’t handle reading and homework but your ready for the streets? Come on. I am not going to respond to the other shit you keep ranting because this is a serious issue. Racism has nothing to do with your inability or in this case, unwillingness, to learn. You are obviously a young brother mad at the world and in need of some good advice. You need to reroute your thinking. Having a good vocabulary and being articulate are not signs of weakness or being a sell out. In fact you are selling yourself short by placing limitation on your potential. You need to have many facets to the package you present to the world so that you can go in and out of different social circles. I have friends in jail and friends that have high ranking positions in Fortune 500 companies and although I adapt to their presence I am always the same person. This is the situation that black men are in. We cannot truly be ourselves in the boardroom but we can alter our demeanor for the purpose of survival. I can’t let my management know that I smoke weed and get drunk on a regular basis. They will never be able to trust the work that I do. Instead I conceal certain aspects of who I am to survive and trust me young brother you must do the same. Now don’t get me wrong you can be the thug rebel but you will never get what you deserve; in fact, you will be exactly what the Whiteman wants you to be which is;

    Politically Powerless

    Get ya weight up kid. I have seen it all. I was never a good drug dealer because you had to have a cold heart to sell to a pregnant women, which I could never do, but I was a hell of a stick up kid and I made a lot more money and much faster. As the years went by that became corny and then one day I was at the pier in Manhattan and about 4 boats pulled up. About 8 black couples walked out in suits and their women had on long flowing gowns. They all got into limos and hit the city strong. I said to myself “Dam that’s ballin for real” fuck new sneakers and a leather jacket. That aint shit. That’s nigga fun. You won’t be corny just because you seek an education or a business, but in listening to the nonsense that you so proudly kick on the regular I think that you are on the path of a miserable life. I am 34 so I have to act as your elder on this—get your shit together and get back in school kid. If you are 15 you are about 19 years removed from me, but one thing is for sure—19 years will pass. Hopefully you will have accomplished something. I wish you the best of luck young man……

  87. Deep 3rd Says:

    I totally agree Will.

    Chronic, a black man can do anything he sets his mind to. The only way the white man can hold you back is if you let em’. If you fail in life, you really have no one to blame but yourself.

  88. Will Says:

    Since this is a hip hop forum I think that we can use an excerpt from this glorious genre to wrap it up. I will quote Lord Jamal from Brand Nubian’s classic 1991 album entitled “All for One”

    Lord Jamal makes the difference, I have no tolerance, for black ignorance

    I feel the same way. This boy has brought down the stock of this blog with meaningless nonsense but the biggest injustice is the devaluation of his own personal stock, which is plummeting rapidly. Fear not, young man there is hope. Hit dem bookz and mold ya futcha………Hit dem streets dem thug’ll shoot cha…….

    OK I’ll stop buggin

  89. Chronic Says:

    Lmao ^^^ I already know bout all that shit man lol thanks anyway though….

  90. Chronic Says:

    hmm…is it me or is this site being real gay….

  91. Will Says:

    Are you trying to say that someone on this site wants to get fuched in the azz by another man or suc another man’s bozack….I didn’t read that posting. What could you possibly be referring to?

  92. Chronic Says:

    what the fuck ^^^ take yo horny ass outta here!

  93. Will Says:

    Classic, you try to make a pointless point and then run from your own words

  94. Chronic Says:

    Will take yo old ass outta here man u gettin old time by time damn stop wastin yo life on this forum

  95. Hiphop Says:

    crunk music sucks ass and all southern rap shit….that music is plain garbage…some kiddy cute lines…what a bunh of shit…haha…you waste your time and money on that crap

  96. Will Says:

    The new Nas shit is crazy

    Check hiphopgame.com

    To hear his shit and still hold on to the wack shit is beyond me

    Stay up

  97. Deep 3rd Says:

    Hadn’t heard it yet. I’ve heard a lot of positive and negative reviews on Nas’ new album. I do plan on checkin’ it out for myself.

  98. Grills Says:

    aye shawtttyyyyy why yall hatin on a nigga? yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! okaaaaaaaaaaaay WHAT! lets goooooooooooooooo
    be hatiiin onn da south chuuzzz come down hurr we snatch ya chaaaain and fuck T.i mayne 36mafia is the true kang of thu south shawttyyyy be hatin on us YEAAAAA WHAT!

  99. Will Says:

    You can’t be fuckin serious but when it comes to the south I have assume that you are. If you’re joking OK….funny. If not I will have to categorize you as a complete fucking idiot.

    36 Mafia is the dumbest shit ever recorded and they cannot hold a candle to TI.

    Also, read a fucking grammer book or any book for that matter.

    Fucking Coon

  100. Grills Says:


  101. Will Says:

    Yeah sure, I am on my way to ATL to get shot by you. I live in Manhattan so fuck you and the rest of the cow tippin fucks you roll with.

    Son you are on the internet talking about a fucking gun. What are you going to do; shoot the fucking screen?

    What is this skeet skeet skeet shit all about? I have people in ATL and we love to get drunk and talk about how country you fucks are (there are a lot of cool cats in ATL)

    Go smoke a black and mild, shine your 2000 dollar rims on your 500 dollar car, walk your pit bull, and live out your cookie cutter country ass life.

    Peace Coon. I know the rednecks down there love to see you coming because you are the human confirmation of there victory. You validate everything they think about us and have the audacity to be proud of how you carry yourself.

    Don’t forget to shine your cubic zirconium grills and iron that white t shirt. You have a rep to keep up. Can’t let em catch ya slippin down there.

    Ease up shawty–shit head coon, chittlin sandwich eating, retard, fuck.

  102. Grills Says:

    LOL rofl oh shit funny nah man I aint even from the ATL I was just fucken around……ha

  103. bxsouljah Says:

    theres an old saying-youll never go broke appealing to the lowest common denominator and thats why southern rap is king right now.its so brainless it removes the burden of thought from the listener.but so what?its just entertainment people.all rappers are actors.the “real” rappers are the ones you never heard of, still out there in the street tryin to get put on.this stuff goes in cycles;remember when ny/east coast rap was king?then la/west coast blew up;now its the souths turn.

  104. Chronic Says:

    Not really ^ not all rappers are fake man if you look at the game closely not the game the rapper lol but the “game” itself, and southern bull shit aint entertainment….it’s embarrasing to black people and to hip hop itself man so tell me what the fuck is “AYYYYE SHAWTTYY I SNAP MA FINGAZZ THEN I MAKE THE CROWD ROOOCK AYYEYEEE” da fuck is that bull shit? any nigga that get mad at me is either(from the south) or a dumb ass with no brains yeah go ahead and defend where you stay you got no choice right? you got no choice BUT to stand up for it but deep inside yo heart if you got some brains you know I’m right about this southern rap music it’s all bull shit hip hop is dead as quoted.And actually the whole south aint “that” bad it’s mainly ATL dumb ass snap music bull shit.

  105. Deep 3rd Says:


    I have listened to some of the new Nas and so far I have two words for it…..instant classic.

  106. kungfugrip Says:

    I so agree with Chronic… southern rappers are the worst thing that ever happened to hip hop. I don’t even consider that hip hop. Nas knows this. Why do you think he named the album “Hip Hop is Dead”. By the way, the Nas album… that’s some real hip hop right there. CLASSIC.

  107. Will Says:

    54% of black people in the US live in the south east. Make no mistake, this is a direct product of the slave trade, and all of the worst things that came from slavery are present in the music. Mindless bullshit. Southern rap has put black people back 20 years. Yeah, there are some artist that come from the south that are about something–in fact, if you look at ATL hip hop from the 90’s (Goodie Mod, Arrested Development, etc) there was a lot of spirituality in the music but with the help of corporate America it has devolved into buffoonery. Until a movement of music (not one or two artist) starts to emerge with something to say worth hearing FUC EM

  108. Deep 3rd Says:

    Right. Because Jay-Z and Nas cant resurrect the game by themselves which brings me back to the question I ask. If NY has all this talent and lyrical skill, why dont we hear more newer acts from NY. The fact is NY aint puttin out much of a product cause’ for one thing, they too busy cryin bout’ the state of hip hop. You say all yall care about is the music, then why do I hear so many New Yorkers Hollerin’ bout “Yo lets bring NY back son”. I respect all the old school NY rappers but I dont think you can bring back NY with old rappers. And a few new rappers out of NY aint sayin much of nothing either so if hip hop is dead, it aint all the south’s fault.

  109. big shank Says:

    Will the south ever get respect for pimpin’ different styles into the game,
    or continue to be looked at as one group, one song, all dance everything’s the same.
    Ignorance is important when you don’t know what you’re talkin’ about,
    so to all you haters, accept the south’s come-up and keep off the third route.
    And for those who say the south is killing hip hop, well hell yall don’t know shit,
    you see suicide is a mutha fucka’ when somebody else puts out the hit.
    Complaining must be a good way to ease away the hate,
    true NY created hip hop, ran it for a good minute and now most of you are eager to close the gate.
    Well, real niggas say it best everyday, everybody gotta eat,
    so don’t blame us if yall aint hot anymore, just think before you speak.

  110. Will Says:

    No you will never get respect because you don’t deserve it.

    You are more than one group; in fact you are an army of clowns

    I am not hating, I simply hate your music. Haters are jealous, I am not jealous, I simply despise your music, your club culture, your style (or lack of), and your core mentality.

    I don’t care about record sales (I am not a record exec). I know that southerners do care about sales because its the only thing they have (remember that 75% of the sales are from White kids in the subs–are we going to let them be the judge of who is hot and who is not). The whole “WE SELLING RECORDS” claim is a dick riding movement because you are counting another man’s money and saying that his music is banging because of it.

    I am not complaining. I just think you are all a bunch of fucking idiots that happen to have the lime light, which is easy because you appeal to the lowest common denominator.

    As for the “everybody gotta eat” are you making any money off the rap game–I’m not, the only thing an artist has to offer me is the music, and I don’t want the bullshit that the south is making. Go read a fucking book.

    Really I think that just about everybody is wack now—NY included, but especially the south.


    southern rap is mostly garbage. especially the more popular music, so much in fact that I have started to view any rapper that comes out of atlanta as some garbage wannabe just tryin to make a quick dollar. now, i do like some southern rap and it wouldnt be bad at all if there was more variety, but nowadays all you here is that same old crunk and snap garbage with niggaz rapping about the same shit over and over again.

  112. big shank Says:

    If you know anything about southern hip hop, then you know its more to it than just crunk and snap. Go to the music store and look it up. As far as record sells go, Im not benefiting from it, Im just helping the cause. (keepin’ it real).

  113. Will Says:

    I was listening to JZ’s new album over an “L” while driving down the West Side Highway over the weekend and I was caught by something that has eluded me for a while now. I wanted to articulate the meaning of a true NY MC. There is one trait that is inexplicable, a trait that really cuts to the heart of the subject–STYLE. It can’t be taught, it can’t be copied, and it can’t be faked. Style is very important to an MC because it is the spirit and subconscious of lyricism. I remember when Rakim was killing the world with the most butter lyrics ever put on track and one thing that always set him apart was his demeanor. It was impeccable. He had the hottest whip (always laced but not to the point being overly ghetto), he rarely cursed if ever—yet every notorious drug dealer was a diehard Rakim fan, ladies loved him, and his gear was always tailored, original and on point.

    Where is that today? Who has style on the mic? Who brings any innovation to the table? I only hear different ways of saying the same shit. Hip Hop is dead, and style died with it. Aside from JZ or NAS, who if you listen to him nowadays he is destroying the competition, there are very few cats that can be ambassadors of this music to the greater public.

  114. big shank Says:

    Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Big Shank from Texas. I’m a high school drop out with a G.E.D and my hobbies are making money, loving ladies, smoking weed, writing and spitting rhymes, and yes, reading. My favorite book, This Just In by Bob Schieffer, but enough about me. This one’s for Willy (Will) Rich.

    The knowledge you have about the rap game (to me) are both impressive and limited. You know a lot about numbers, yet you choose to count out the numbers of talent the south has to offer to ANYONE that has the time to listen.
    (Crunk and snap not included)
    Can you name one, just one artist or group from the south that you would deem as intellectual / intellectuals? Hell homie, I can. Scarface. Here’s another one for you. Street Military. Damn, can’t forget about the Geto Boyz, UGK and Zero, just to name a few.
    Will my brother, you only know what you allow yourself to know and you try to will that limited shit on those who know enough to know better.
    I think it’s time for you to know before you speak, and while you’re at it, listen before you hear. There’s more to it than you know. If mainstream aint ya thing, well there’s some underground shit that still needs to be unearthed my nigga. All you got to do is dig.

    Now then, who got next?

  115. Will Says:

    The ghetto boyz are trash (with the exception of Scarface) and if you think that Willie D and Bushwick can rhyme well….lets just say that your credibility is out of the window.

    Scareface is one of the best (if not the best) artist to come out of the South. He has a lot of respect in NYC because he is an artist and not a rapper, but there is a problem here. You and I know that the south is not known for quality music. This does not mean that the south is without quality artist; instead it means that the predominant body of music that comes from the south is trash–at least by my standards, and don’t think for a moment that I feel like I speak for everyone.

    It’s not about one artist or 10 artists for that matter. It’s about what the region is known for. NY is known for the complexity of the music and lyrics, ATL is about the club and whatever dumb shit they can think of, Texas has more variety but Mike Jones, Paul Wall, and Lil Flip are lyrical infants. They will tell you all day that they are not concerned with lyrics. just pimpin hip hop for all that its worth. This is why they will never get the respect of Scarface or other talented artist. They embody what Texas is known for. Come on, don’t take it personal. Most of the music from the south is horrible, and for that matter a lot of the shit that is coming from everywhere sucks. I am sure that I have not heard of every rapper in Texes but one thing is for sure–the shit that I have heard sucks donkey balls, oh I’m sorry–bull balls (it is Texas). I like Bun B, and you can tell that he has a strong NY influence in his delivery but he made it his own. I have never heard of street military but the name of the group sounds hot.

  116. BRETT Says:





  117. WTF? Says:

    CRUNK is for inbread hick fucks!!! Only coon ass, watermellon, fried chicken trailer park niggas listen to that shit!!!!!!!!!!!

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