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Stray Shots


Looks like Earl is gonna be spending some time on lockdown. How he has managed to avoid jail up until now is beyond me…

Police are investigating Cuban Link’s connection to the murder of one of his former bodyguards.

Jin (also known as The Emcee) recently brought home 50,000 after winning the Fight Klub battle in the Bahamas this weekend. He beat out Serious Jones, Professor Green, and AX (who I’ll have more on soon), to reclaim the title he lost to Serious in an August battle…

At the same battle, newly signed Rocafella artist Tru Life reportedley aired out Jim Jones saying that he is sick of NY artists “wearing jeri curls in videos, drinking sizzurp, and making crunk music.” 

Young Jeezy runs into a little problem with the manufaturer of those damn Snowman T-Shirts.

A script Pac wrote in jail is being turned into a movie, and his sister is putting out a fashion line, Madameveli.

50 calls Kiss, Nas, and Fat Joe window shoppers. Ooooh…wow Fitty, now your spitting, what’s next: Game has bad credit! Cassidy’s car payment was late!


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15 Responses to “Stray Shots”

  1. E Double Says:

    I think calling Jada a window shopper is being too kind. You gotta actually anticipate getting money to windowshop. All he can anticipate is 50 ending whats left of a sorry career.

  2. T Nelson Says:

    U crazy E Dub 50 is just a industry hoe Kiss is a legend

  3. eskay Says:

    ^^ The streets have spoken.

  4. e-double Says:

    Kiss is a legend for getting his gun taken from him and asking if he could buy it back. 50’s rich.

  5. eskay Says:

    50’s reign on the top will be short like leprachauns. He isn’t the first rapper to be in the postion he’s in now. Nelly was there 3 years ago and where is he now? DMX used to hold the weight 50 holds, but now it’s a different story. Face it, unless your name is Sean Corey Carter, you’d better count your blessings cuz you’re gonna fall one day, it’s just a matter of time.

    The problem with 50 is he’s a hater. He’s always talking about how niggas are mad that he’s doing good, but really nobody cares. Like I said he’s not the first rich rapper, and the LOX are used to being the underdogs, they’ve been there for 10 years. Me personally, I like my rappers broke and in the hood. 50 was cool when he was the underdog, but now he gets money and don’t know how to act. Like nigga your lyric game really aint that tight, you can’t see Kiss or Styles and that’s really all that matters at the end of the day isn’t it?

  6. T Nelson Says:

    I recall Ja being where 50 is two years ago radio, movies, magazines, mtv “nigga” of the year, singing hooks need i go on

  7. E Double Says:

    Nelly put acting up front instead of rapping, which 50 is about to do as well. Thats called being smart. DMX bottomed out due to his bad habits.

    And if you like your rappers broke and in the hood, you must not like them too much! The whole point of getting on is to get out the damn hood! So that comment you made is about as ig’nant as the argument you had with ERN!

    50’s a genius, Kiss and them are dumb.

  8. eskay Says:

    No, the point of making rap music isn’t ‘getting on’ its makin rap music. If you wanna sing then make R&B. And acting? Get any rapper who acts outta my face. Your not an actor guy, your a musician, leave acting to the people who do it well. And get any movie with a rapper (unless it’s mos def or ‘pac) out of my face, they’re all garbage.

    And anyway, who cares how much money them niggas get? It means nothing to us, we don’t see any of it, and as soon as rappers get it they seem to forget how to rap…except for Hov of course. And Nas, but he ain’t got no money.

  9. E Double Says:

    No, dudes with money already might make music for the sake of making it. 99.9% of dudes are doing it to get they ass out of the everday struggle. And as far as acting goes, if your telling me Ice-Cube, Will Smith or Ice-T arent real actors and are just rappers making films, then umm.. NO!

  10. eskay Says:

    >>99.9% of dudes are doing it to get they ass out of the everday struggle.

    That’s cool, and I feel their struggle, but I got my own struggle to worry about, I can’t be thinking about their pockets, feel me?

    >>And as far as acting goes, if your telling me Ice-Cube, Will Smith or Ice-T arent real actors and are just rappers making films, then umm.. NO!

    Aight, I’ll give you those three, but most of their movies are still hot garbage. Get Will Smith outta my face. I liked the first Friday and Barbershop was aight, but I’d still rather watch a real actor like Sam Jackson or Terrence Howard anyday.

  11. Ves Says:

    whatever S said…

  12. Ves Says:

    Who wants to here a song about what the next man has— GUY youre selling records—we know youre rich—next topic… There is no next topic for 50, hes out the streets, his street pass has expired. Thats why he moving on to flix + we all know he ain’t got nothin for jada…thats why hes not goin at DBLOCK crazy, he knows that he lost the “RAP BATTLE” allready—That silent treatment isnt flyin in the hood…

    Any fan of HIPHOP will tell you that DBLOCK won that so called battle, it was’nt even a battle.50 is a BITCH. That nigga made like 2 mix tapes about JA and them, I heard about 2 lines about KISS and them. Come on man.

    Get that candy shop shit outta here- I use 50’s cd as a coaster…

  13. Mo'Nique Says:

    i will like to start off in later forums if you get to read them i dis 50 real hard and i don’t care. that bitch is a punk yes he don’t have his ghetto past no more and yes he went to actin (but can he act that is the question?) for E-double to be defending this nicca so hard shid i need u on my team when i get famous at least i know you loyal but i would be no fake ass bitch leading you a stray gettin ur head all gassed up wit my fake ass gangsta tactics. and there are some rappers that can act and you named a few above but you left out the best an most respected no matter what 2-Pac. an believe me if dat nicca was here 50 wouldn’t have no air play an dare him to say somethin bout Pac if he was livin an makin made records wit ja beat you he wouldn’t say shit cause after he do Pac will crush him wit all he got put money on it.

  14. Ves Says:

    youre good MO’NIGUE… keep up the good work

  15. Mo'Nique Says:

    thank u i try to speak the truth or atleast what i know is true.

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