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Infamy: The Movie


Infamy, a documentary about world famous graf writers Enem, Saber, Toomer, Claw, Earsnot, and Jase has been completed and is scheduled to be shown at the upcoming Refest in NY. As a retired graf addict I’m looking for this joint like Kennedy Junior. From the Infamy website:

Infamy is an intense journey into the lives, minds, and families of seven individuals who are obsessed with graffiti and follow that obsession into the most unexpected places. Cameras follow Los Angeles legend SABER by night as he dangles on the supports of a billboard hovering twenty stories up, and by day into the city’s Museum of Natural History, where he is featured in an exhibition about the L.A. River. New Yorkers EARSNOT and CLAW cover the City’s surfaces with their tags in the face of their graffiti minority status as openly gay and female, respectively, and then into their jobs as icons in the Downtown fashion scene. Philadelphia’s ENEM and Los Angeles’ TOOMER tour their intricate murals for murdered friends, as well as their rapidly styled tag signatures, which they frankly prefer. San Francisco’s JASE heads to paint freight trains that will take his art throughout North America, then to his day job in graffiti-specialized spray paint distribution. Finally, there’s JOE CONNOLLY “The Graffiti Guerrilla,” who makes the removal of Los Angeles graffiti his daily passion.

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