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Buddens pushed back 20 years


Damn Joey, 2025 huh?  

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6 Responses to “Buddens pushed back 20 years”

  1. E Double Says:

    I told ya negro’s 50 is the boss. Styles joint pushed back till 3010. Which in retrospect isnt a bad thing considering how horrible David’s music is.

  2. VES Says:

    whoa – whoa— take it easy e double… stop and listen

  3. Mo'Nique Says:

    whyn is his album pushed back and don’t say shit bout 50 being behind this if so i’m going on a hate 50 rampage.

  4. Skitzo Says:

    yo fuk u punks man, 50 cent is da biggest pussy yh heard
    ya boy 50cent aka 5 0 aka im telling, is a snictch ass nigga

    he aint real? ma niggaz fat joe n nas r real

    fuk massacre dat shit ass album, fuck g-unit

  5. Nah Right » Blog Archive » Joe Buddens Interview, Speaks on Hov/Def Jam Says:

    […] elt where Joey was coming from on that verse, you’d probably feel the same way after getting pushed back 20 years. Well there’s a new interview with th […]

  6. the rock Says:

    yo stop hatin on 50 although he’s a snitch he still got quadrouple the amount ya niggas gto

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