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Book: Queens reigns Supreme


Damn this book looks hot, but dude who wrote it must be crazy. This looks like one big ‘Ghetto Qua’ran’  written up in book form and sold on Amazon for the whole world to read.

From Amazon:

Based on police wiretaps and exclusive interviews with drug kingpins and hip hop insiders, this is the untold story of how the streets and housing projects of Southeast Queens took over the rap industry.

For years, rappers from Nas to Ja Rule have romanticized the legendary drug dealers who dominated Queens in the 1980s. This gripping narrative digs beneath the hip hop fables to re-create, for the first time ever, the actual careers of hustlers like Lorenzo “Fat Cat” Nichols, Gerald “Prince” Miller, Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff, and Thomas “Tony Montana” Mickens. It recounts how their crimes and flashy lifestyles seized the imaginations of a generation of rappers and producers, from 50 Cent to Irv “Gotti” Lorenzo, who built their careers by linking themselves to their notorious childhood idols. While this strategy turned huge profits, it also drew the attention of law enforcement and ultimately led to the federal indictment of Lorenzo on money-laundering charges.

Spanning twenty-five years, from the crack era to Run DMC to Tupac Shakur to 50 Cent’s battles against Ja Rule and Murder Inc., to the killing of Jam Master Jay, Queens Reigns Supreme is the first inside look at the infamous Southeast Queens crews and their connections to the biggest names in hip hop.


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3 Responses to “Book: Queens reigns Supreme”

  1. Skitzo Says:

    yo fuck dis shit rite here, fuck 50 cent aka 5 0, aka im tellin
    dat punk bitch- g-unot

    yo 50 if u checkin dis out yh i want u 2 no dat everyday i pray 4 ur death u muh’fucka- u aint gangsta- ma nigga fat joe’s gangsta
    can u walk down da streets without 50 cops ? n hu da fuk is tony yayo, nigga claimin 2 be sum thug? niggas hu’s ya witness u doin ur dirt

    fuck g-unit yh its terror squad, murider inc, d-block everyday aight

    n i wanna shout out 2 supreme mcgriff da nigga dat got u shot u punk

    u c ur new game bullet proof? its abt u gettin revenge on da guys hu shot u rite? well wot did u do in real? u fake ass punk

    85% of rappers lyrics is lies- u shud be familiar wit dat- talkin abt how every hood nows u n ur pussy crew

  2. Carlos Says:

    Who the fuck writes like that??

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