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Monday, October 31st, 2005


You know even though I’ve been seeing all these Jam Master Jay articles lately somehow I didn’t realize that yesterday was the 3rd anniversary of his death. I knew it was coming up but somehow it crept up on me and none of yall said anything, and damn I can’t remember everything for crying out loud. So anyway, better late than never right.  The fact that after 3 years the cops know nothing is ridculous. I mean sure its been far longer since both Biggie and Pac, but this is Jam Master Jay we’re talking about here, without who there’d be no B.I.G. or ‘Pac. But I guess and the end of the day that doesn’t necessarily mean anything to homicide detectives, just to us.

RIP Jay  

Powerhouse Concert footage

Monday, October 31st, 2005


Here’s the footage of Jay calling Nas on stage, them doing Dead Presidents, and then Nas going into The World is Yours. The video is a little choppy, but you get the picture. This is history right hear youngins’, so pay homage.  

Powerhouse – Jay and Nas 

Sorry, I had to dead the direct link, ya’ll were killing my bandwidth. Here’s another link to the footage:

Jay and Nas Powerhouse Footage

Is it me…

Monday, October 31st, 2005


…or does that not look anything like Superhead?  

Sheek Louch – After Taxes tracklist

Monday, October 31st, 2005


1. Intro
2. Street Music (w/ The Game)
3. On The Road Again
4. Pain (w/ Jadakiss)
5. 45 Minutes To Broadway
6. One Name (w/ Carl Thomas)
7. Maybe If I Sing
8. Devine (w/ J-Hood)
9. Kiss Your Ass Goodbye (Remix w/ Fabolous, Beanie Sigel & Jadakiss)
10. Run Up (w/ Styles P.)
11. Get Up, Stand Up (w/ Redman)
12. Pressure
13. Movie Nikkas (w/ Ghostface Killah)
14. All Fed Up
15. Get Money (w/ Jadakiss)
16. Kiss Your Ass Goodbye (w/ Styles P.)

Game arrested in N.C.

Saturday, October 29th, 2005


The Game, possibly feeling extra tough after narrowly escaping the Wrath of Hova on Thursday, was pepper sprayed and arrested at a mall in Greensboro North Carolina. Game was up in the mall shopping while wearing a Halloween mask, (you know like most grown men like to do on Friday nights) when he was asked to remove it by police.

Being from Compton, it is biologically impossible for The Game to cooperate with Police, and a scuffle ensued. Rappers were grabbed, pepper spray was brandished, and Chuck Taylor was cuffed and relocated to a nearby jail cell. Of course Game is claiming that it was a racially motivated arrest and announced plans to sue the Greensboro Police Department. Luckily for all us, this whole circus was caught on film, so check it out and decide for yourselves.

Video – Game Arrest 


BMF Crew shut down by Feds

Saturday, October 29th, 2005


This weekend the DEA took down notorious drug crew BMF with huge multi state raids, arresting dozens of members and confiscating enourmous amounts of cash and cocaine. The feds grabbed a couple of bricks and 3 million in cash, plus claim to already have intercepted 632 more kilos of coke and another 11 million in cash and assets. Brothers Terry and Demetrius ‘Big Meech’ Flenory were charged as ringleaders of the organization.

The BMF name has come up in connection with some of the most notorious incidents in hip hop such as the murder of Diddy’s bodyguard Anthony ‘Wolf’ Jones and even the 1995 shooting of Tupac Shakur. Meech, shown above in the center, was arrested and charged in the 2003 murders of Wolf and another man in Atlanta and was still out on $50,000 bail.

None of this should really surprise anybody who’s been paying attention. In the last few years BMF has become increasingly high profile, and I think most people know it wasn’t because of their musical talent. When your gangster is a hot topic on internet message boards it might be time to tone things down a little if you know what I mean. One interesting thing is how the feds allege the crew laundered some of the drug money. They would pay inflated prices for winning Detroit Lotto Tickets and then buy cars and cribs with the legit winnings.

Young Jeezy has been known to run with the crew and this year they had been working with rapper Bleu Davinci who had a hot joint with Jadakiss that circulated on mixtapes earlier this year. I guess he might want to look for another label.

Allow us to reintroduce ourselves…

Friday, October 28th, 2005


That Beef shit is Wack

Friday, October 28th, 2005


So. Who’s marketing game is stronger, Jay-Z or 50 Cent? Tough question huh? Jay just caused a month and a half of some of the wildest beef speculation we’ve ever seen. The last time I remember there being this much speculation about beef was when a little tune called Piggy Bank was still just a rumor. Wow. Jay and Nas onstage. It would be so much better if we didn’t all expect it, but damn it’s still good. I consider me not getting tickets to this show one of the low points of my career.

Here’s a round up of what happened from what I’ve read elsewhere:

Jay: "It’s bigger than ‘I declare war.’ It’s like the muthafuckin’ president presenting the United Nations. Let’s go, Esco!"

Nas comes out and they perform Dead Presidents.

Nas does The World is Yours, New York State of Mind, etc.

Diddy and Nas do Hate Me Now.

The LOX, Sauce Money and Jay-Z perform Reservoir Dogs

The LOX and Diddy do Benjamins

Kanye and Paul Wall come out for Drive Slow.

Jay and Young Jeezy do Go Crazy

Jay doesn’t diss anybody… 

At the end of the day do I feel cheated? Sure. I read and heard and had quite a few theories on who would feel Hov’s wrath tonight, but everybody seems to have missed the obvious target: nobody. So even though I feel mislead, whose fault is it? Jay-Z’s? Or mine, for buying into it? To tell you the truth, who cares? Nas and Jay just did Dead Presidents, together, on stage. I’ll get over it.

"That beef shit is wack…We did that, we had fun. Now lets get this money." – Jay-Z

Lil Flip: Defender of the South

Thursday, October 27th, 2005


SOHH has a story today about Lil Flip and how he now has beef with Paul Wall. Yeah I know, who cares. But in the story Flip also goes on to defend Southern Hip Hop:

"These niggas is trying to say that down south niggas ain’t lyricists," Flip explained to SOHH.com. "Just ’cause we don’t rap about dope and how big our guns… Every song can’t be about crack and dope. Fuck that. Tell some stories. Put some motivational shit out there. Let the kids know it ain’t just about selling crack."

Ok first of all, could there be a worse guy to stand up and defend the Durty than Flip? I mean I can honestly say I think he is the worst rapper I’ve heard in my life. He makes Mike Jones sound good and that’s saying something. I’m dying at that statement that people are saying they’re not lyricists. Gee, I wonder why Flip? It wouldn’t have anything to do with you would it?

How are you gonna say all we talk about is dope, crack and guns? I know he’s talking about NY even though he didn’t say it, but its all good. Please negro, didn’t you just get beat up by T.I.’s skinny ass? Like SOHH said in the article, all ya’ll talk about is Candy Paint and Sizzurp. 

Face it, Houston Hip Hop is garbage and ya’ll got about 5 minutes left. The only dudes in H-Town that get props from me are Bun B, and Scarface. Oh and that kid Chamillionaire is aight, but I haven’t heard enough to co-sign him just yet. Lil Flip, don;t make me post your high school picture nucca!

(Sorry in advance for this post, it’s been a slow news day, what do you want from me.)  

50 Cent punked by British Pop singer

Thursday, October 27th, 2005


I’ve never heard of this guy or his group in my whole life. All I know is he just sonned your boy

50 CENT’s violent reputation has been questioned by British pop singer LEE RYAN, who insists the rapper "is not tough at all".

The former boyband star is certain his south east London upbringing was more violent than the rapper’s Queens, New York City childhood, and challenges the singer to pay a visit – if he dares.

Ryan says, "I don’t think much of that 50 Cent lot. I met him recently and he’s not really that tough. Not tough at all.

"They don’t scare me. They want to come down my area then they’ll see what rough really is."