Vh1 50 Greatest Hip Hop Artists


I’ve been meaning to air out VH1 for this 50 Greatest list for a minute now. They’ve definitely caught it on other sites for this bullshit list, but I had to put my 2 cents in, you know that. This is what I do.

I have highlighted in red the artists who shouldn’t even be anywhere near the list. In blue are the maybes and in green are the artists who got jerked as far as they’re ranking.  Everybody else, should probably be there for different reasons, but not in the order they’re in.

50. Sugarhill Gang
49. Tone Loc  -?
48. Kool Moe Dee
47. Arrested Development  – You guys had like one hit song…
46. Eve
45. Heavy D & The Boyz
44. MC Hammer
43. Coolio
42. Kurtis Blow
41. MC Lyte
40. Gang Starr
39. Ja Rule –ahead of Gang Starr and Kurtis Blow?
38. Biz Markie
37. The Roots
36. Master P
35. Big Daddy Kane
34. Lil’ Kim
33. De La Soul
32. Cypress Hill
31. Naughty By Nature
30. Will Smith & DJ Jazzy Jeff
29. Nelly – ahead of Kane, Biz, and De La Soul?
28. Busta Rhymes
27. A Tribe Called Quest
26. Ice Cube
25. Snoop Dogg
24. Queen Latifah
23. OutKast
22. DMX
21. KRS-One
20. Eric B. & Rakim
19. Nas
18. Afrika Bambaataa
17. The Fugees & Lauryn Hill
16. Ice-T
15. Wu-Tang Clan
14. Missy Elliott – ahead of Nas, Rakim, and Cube?
13. N.W.A.
12. P. Diddy – ahead of anybody on this list?
11. Beastie Boys
10. Jay-Z
9. Salt-N-Pepa
8. Grandmaster Flash
7. Dr. Dre
6. Eminem
5. LL Cool J
4. Notorious B.I.G.
3. Tupac Shakur
2. Public Enemy
1. Run-DMC

I can’t really argue with Run-DMC at number 1, but PE should probably be moved up a couple of spots. I like Em and everything, but how does he rank in front of Rakim, Guru, Kane, Nas, Jay-Z, and N.W.A.? And what no Kool Herc? The man invented Hip Hop for crying out loud! And are they trying to say Missy has been more important to Hip Hop than Ice-T, Busta, and Cypress Hill? No Big Pun? No Big L? No Redman? I like what VH1’s been doing in terms of Hip Hop shows and documentaries lately, (God knows they’re doing a better job than BET) but they need to fall back thinking that gives them the right to even try making this type of list.


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64 Responses to “Vh1 50 Greatest Hip Hop Artists”

  1. ldnitbut Says:


  2. bone Says:

    where is Bone Thugs-N-Haarmoby Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan Bizzy Krayziee greatest rappers where are they?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  3. bone Says:


  4. tcgunnz Says:

    7.5/10 (normal list)

  5. joe Says:

    yeah this list is just white people who dont listen to hip hop picking rappers they know the most about.

  6. Trey Says:

    Lil Weezy

  7. Erick Says:

    Fuck a y’all
    this is my list
    1. NWA
    2.Ice Cube
    3. Snoop Dogg
    4. Eazy E
    5. Dr. Dre
    6. 2pac
    7. BIG
    9. 50 Cent
    10. Jay Z
    11. Nas
    12. Bone Thugs
    13. Cypress hill (yeah at #13 he’ll ya Mexican4Life)
    fuck tha rest

  8. Erick Says:

    I meant 2 put fuck all y’all
    (if u really knew hip hop u would know that’s from ice cubes NWA diss ‘no Vaseline’)

  9. Erick Says:

    These are tha best albums
    1. Straight outta Compton-NWA
    2. Chronic-Dr. Dre
    3.Chronic 2001-Dr. Dre
    4.Doggystyle-Snoop Dogg
    5. All eyez on me-2pac
    6. Ready to die/life after death(both eaqually as good)-Biggie Smalls
    7.all ice cube albums are da shit
    8. Eazy-duz-it- if u don’t know who that’s by ur a dumbass
    9. Documentary-Game
    10. Creepin on ah come up-bone thugs

  10. Erick Says:

    Tha best songs are
    1. Straight outta comton-NWA
    2. Nuthin’ but a G thang-Dr. Dre
    3.it was a good day-Ice Cube
    4. Boyz N The Hood-Eazy E
    5.Gin & Juice
    6. Juicy-Notorious BIG
    7. California Love-2pac & Dr. Dre
    8. Lose Yourself- Eminem
    9. Hard Knock Life- Jay Z
    10 . insane in the brain-cypress hill
    11. Tha Crossroads-Bone thugs
    12. In da club-50 Cent
    13. Hate it or love it-Game & 50 Cent

  11. Erick Says:

    Oh yeah & another thing nuthin’ but a G thang is by Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg
    & Gin & Juice is by Snoop Dogg
    See You Around Buddy Boy

  12. Erick Says:

    Oh yeah & another thing nuthin’ but a G thang is by Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg
    & Gin & Juice is by Snoop Dogg
    See You Around Buddy Boy

  13. Erick Says:

    Sorry I didn’t men 2 put 2 of those &
    see u around buddy boy is a famous quote by Eazy E

  14. J_RS Says:

    How in the world tupac is not number one. The people from VH1 who did this list is just as bogus as any other ordinary person with personal preferences. They do not actually listen to everything from all these artist and make a proper judgment by comparing the talents and skills of these rappers.

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