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M.O.P. album coming soon


M.O.P. is scheduled to drop an album, The St. Marxmen, on October 18th. The only thing is, it ain’t on G-Unit. No, sir its dropping on Koch records and heres the tracklist:

1. Fliptro
2. Pain
3. Big Boy Game
4. MarxMen Skit
5. It’s Hard To Tell f/ Foxx & Inf
6. Suicide f/ Teflon
7. Hip-Hop Cops f/ Wyclef Jean
8. Pop Shots Remix f/ ODB
9. Classic Skit
10. Put It In The Air f/ Jay-Z
11. Skit
12. Muddy Waters
13. Party Like A Rockstar
14. Skit
15. Instigator
16. Take A Minute
17. G Boy Stance

 This seems kinda strange for a couple of reasons: Why is it dropping on Koch and not G-Unit? Why can’t I find anything on Koch’s site about M.O.P.? Why isn’t there any kinda statement from them in the SOHH article?


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2 Responses to “M.O.P. album coming soon”

  1. VESYBNVS Says:

    they’re better off with Koch-you know they’re goin double copper +
    thats all we need — 50 singing hooks for them–
    GUNIT is just not a good look for them.

  2. !Ven-Tech? Says:


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