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How you want it, my kicks are 7500


Check out this flick of Styles P white T’d out at Jacob the Jewler’s sneaker launch party. Notice the strategically placed Jacob watch. That’s straight Yonkers. So yeah, your boy Jacob is launching a sneaker line. Each pair comes with a unique serial number, they will be available in ostrich and crocodile skin, and have a diamond bezel just like the watches. And they’ll run you something like $7500 a pair. Now, that may sound like alot but this might be the type of long term investment that will be good for rappers. I mean, they usually take better care of their kicks than themselves, and chains and watches might get lost or stolen (cough, cough, Ja Rule).


Bonus: New Styles P – Pu**y Niggas – From the Ghost in the Machine mixtape, over Yayo’s "I Know You Don’t Love Me" beat. Fire. 

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7 Responses to “How you want it, my kicks are 7500”

  1. e-dubbs Says:

    i dont know whats uglier, the sneakers, the watches or styles.. well, yeah i do know now.. my girl just told me, “yup, styles is uglier than a two day old tampon”.. damn.

  2. T Nelson Says:

    ridiculous some black people wanna stay broke

  3. VESYBNVS Says:

    Yeah thats all we need- somebody is definitely gonna get bodied when they step on a pair of those.

  4. john jardine Says:

    styles p is the hardest rapper on the streets these shoes are hot all yall can eat shit 1

  5. Nah Right » Blog Archive » Jacob Arrested On Federal Drug Charges Says:

    […] ? If you ask me they should’ve locked his ass up for those god awful iced out sneakers he was trying to sell people for $7500.  More info here.


  6. HAM Says:

    i’m 6 months late ..late as hell…but even so, them shoes…blurry image or not…still ugly as hell

    i bet tha glue drops can be seen at the seams and isht… $7500 and a bezel, they betta tell me tha date and time …

  7. Mo Says:

    Yo I’m telling rep to get me those….just kidding!

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