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Stray Shots


So the word is Hovie might have some footage of Game that he’s gonna use at this Power 105 show next month on some Prodigy/Summer Jam type shit. What kind of footage you ask? Well lets just say theres been a rumor going around for a while that Game used to be a male stripper…. 

Killa Cam is suing R.Kelly over a song he claims he co-wrote.  

From today’s Daily News:

Lowdown asked Ja, born Jeffrey Atkins, if he’s going to see 50’s new movie, "Get Rich or Die Tryin.’"

"I always study the enemy, so I might check it out," Ja replied. "But it looks kinda bull-."

Suddenly, hip-hop mogul Irv Gotti – the CEO of Ja’s record label, The Inc., and another mortal enemy of 50 Cent – appeared at Ja’s side.

"Y’all say some pretty crazy s- about me," Gotti groused.

"No, the Daily News is all right. That’s the Post!" Ja told him.

"Oh, the Post," Gotti agreed solemnly.

So will Gotti see "Get Rich or Die Tryin’"?

"See, that’s what the f- I’m talkin’ about!" he exploded and stormed away.

Also in the Daily News, Diddy claims he spoke to Biggie’s Moms about her statements about him and Kim and they cleared everything up…only thing is Ms. Wallace didn’t return the News’ calls to confirm the story and the publisher of her book said the comments are still in the book and won’t be removed…. I guess there’s 2 sides to every story right….

….actually, sometimes there are 3 sides to every story. Peep this new Joe Buddens track 3 Sides to a Story.  I like Joe, but I never really checked for his stuff like that, but take my word for it this kid destroyed this track. It’s a story track where he rhymes from the perspective of the 3 people involved in the situation and then at the end it all ties in together. Crazy. Trust me on this one, I wouldn’t steer you wrong.



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  2. Crazy88Since88 Says:

    ***88 goes BACK TO THE FUTURE***

    …This Nigga go the FIRST toyota!…

    ***88 Disapears in ElDog w/flux capacitor***

  3. G7 Says:

    ^lol. Damn Crazy!

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