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Stop the bitin’


I wouldn’t usually give 2 shits about anything Bone Thugs related but this is to good not to post. Group member Layzie Bone damn near had his finger bitten off by a pissed off fan this past weekend. Yeah, I said bitten off, bear with me. The group was supposed to perform at a club in Palm Springs but the show ended up being cancelled. So they headed back to their hotel to chill and invited some fans to join them in one of their rooms. Apparently one fan, out of nowhere, attacked the rapper and managed to bite through one of his fingers all the way to the bone! Fucking crazy right? The first question that comes to mind: These guys still perform? Second: People actually go to these shows? Who knew? The report at MTV News says that Layzie not only didn’t press charges against the dude, but he wouldn’t even cooperate with police. Let me tell you, I don’t like to think of myself as a press charges kind of guy, but if some fool tried to Hannibal Lecter my finger off, I think its safe to say that dude needs some time ‘away’.

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3 Responses to “Stop the bitin’”

  1. btnh Says:

    bones the shit! eat a dick. thank you.

  2. Uptown Harlem's finest Says:

    Bone Thugs -N- Harmony are the greatest rap group of all time. To the writer of this article: You better give them the respect they deserve you bitch ass nigga. Yo Layzie, don’t worry about tha faggot that bit yo finger. That muthafucka gon get his. You a strong mighty souljah under God. Oh yeah to that faggot ass editor: You muthfuckin right people go to these shows because Bone the best. Layzie don’t gotta cooperate with 5-O. If you ain’t down wit Bone, I got three words 4 ya: SUCK MY DICK!

  3. no surrender no retreat Says:


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