Stray Shots

Damn, Beanie just got out and they’re already doing jury selection for his attempted murder re-trial.

G-Unit must be rubbing off on Pastor Murder Mase. The rumor is he shot the fair one with some cat named Jerry Bland in Atlanta. In the mall. What a fucking loser.   

Say what you want about Game and Young Jeezy but they seem to be stepping for Katrina victims. Game says he’s considering adopting an orphan from New Orleans, and Jeezy opened up his crib to 14 misplaced hurricane survivors. Game also donated a Bentley for an auction to benefit victims, and Jeezy joined T.I and David Banner to bring a dozen 18 wheelers full of supplies to the Gulf Coast.

New Styles P and Akon video: Can You Believe It 

So everybodys wondering how in the hell Kim got 5 mics right? Well the Daily New had this little article yesterday:

NAKED, YES. BUT TRUTH? As Lil’ Kim enters prison today to serve 366 days for perjury and conspiracy, some suspicious-minded folks are asking why The Source magazine awarded its top accolade – five mics, the first such honor for a female rapper – to her new album, "The Naked Truth." Does it have anything to do with the longstanding romantic relationship between Kim’s manager, Hillary Weston, and Source founder and CEO Dave Mays? "Everybody knows the only way to get five mics at The Source is to pay for it by taking out an enormous amount of ads or by hooking up with Dave Mays," joked one music industry insider. Lil’ Kim mouthpiece Ronn Torossian declined to comment on the

alleged relationship, but stressed: "The Source is a big business with hundreds of employees, and I don’t believe Mr. Mays is involved in reviewing individual artists. Kim’s album will and has received rave reviews by music publications and industry bigwigs, and not just by The Source." Mays didn’t respond to detailed messages.

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3 Responses to “Stray Shots”

  1. VESYBNVS Says:

    —-i heard HOV donated A MIL to the surivors of katrina—-
    AND—-fuck LILKIM and her LIL BULLET—- and her 5 mics, them 5 shits dont mean anything in the hood.

  2. eskay Says:

    >>—-i heard HOV donated A MIL to the surivors of katrina—-

    Actually, him and Diddy went half.

  3. E Double Says:

    Norm did the styling for that Styles and Akon video. If your not getting a Norm cut, your not getting the right cut. Headquarters for life, biatches!

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