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Smoking ganja, calling his weed pipe Sandra


SoHH has some info on Only Built for Cuban Links Part 2. Busta Rhymes is Exec. Producing? That just don’t sound right, but RZA producing 90% of the album is more like it.  Anyway, I just wanted an excuse to use these pics.

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6 Responses to “Smoking ganja, calling his weed pipe Sandra”

  1. E Double Says:

    i see ninjas like to go to jail nowadays.. its good to set ya self up like that.

  2. VESYBNVS Says:


  3. Mayhem Says:

    Cuban Linx 2 is definetly going to be a headbanger. DON’T SLEEP!!!

  4. kellz from chp@ Says:

    Fuck what they saying that that fire(piff) dont hate

  5. pedro Says:

    stop being a nigger

  6. boss718 Says:

    key pet reeeelll

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