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I put a couple careers on hold, you could be next…


Awwwh shit this is what we’ve been anticipating all summer. Today on the radio Jay announced that he will be declaring war on a couple of rappers that have been talking greasy about him in the past couple of months. Its all gonna pop off at the Power 105.1 Power House concert at Continental Airlines Arena in Jersey on October 27th. From MTV News:

Some people have rubbed the president of Def Jam the wrong way — and we might just be hearing another "Takeover" in a little over a month. Jay-Z was on New York radio station Power 105.1 on Thursday afternoon and said that he is ready to take it to the battlefield.

"I declare war!" Jay said. Hov told radio personality Ed Lover that he’s been hearing some rappers talking greasy about him and he is going to "air them out" onstage.

Doomsday — at least for some — is scheduled for October 27 at the Continental Airlines Arena in East Rutherford, New Jersey. That’s when Power 105 is staging its Power House concert, for which it’s turned the reins over to Jay for another Jay-Z and Friends outing. Last year, as the Best of Both Worlds tour with R. Kelly crumbled (see "Jay-Z, R. Kelly Part Ways as Best Of Both Worlds Tour Collapses"), the rapper called on some of his homies, like Diddy, Ja Rule, Busta Rhymes and Mary J. Blige, to perform with him on a string of dates.

"I got a lot of records," Hov told Lover. "I’m getting the itch. I need to see the people. It’s time for a good show in New York City … I gotta flip on some people."

Jay said that despite his track record, some rappers are "hard-headed" and "not too many people make it out of the figure-four leg lock. I gotta put ’em in the choke hold, the Boston crab. I gotta smash a couple of people. … Everybody better make up and be my friend."

Hov was sure to note that his battle raps are just going to be the icing on the cake — his first priority is to give the fans a great show.

Jersey’s Power House isn’t going to be Jay’s last stage stop. One day later, radio station Power 99 in Philadelphia is throwing its own Power House show, which is going to be another Jay-Z and Friends concert. Hov isn’t letting it out of the bag just who will be on his guest list for either show, but Young Jeezy says we shouldn’t be surprised if he pops up. A couple of sources close to Jay also say that the two Power House shows may not be the last Jay-Z-headlined concerts we see this year.

— Shaheem Reid

So who’s Jay gonna air out? I know two dudes who I’m sure are at the top of the list, Game and Jim Jones. Game can’t seem to keep his mouth shut and let the beef with Bleek and The Young Guns die. Onhis new Ghost Unit mixtape, after letting the YG’s have it he ends the verse with: "Ya’ll gonn make me make Jay lose his cool". And Jimmy, poor Jimmy. How is his career ever gonna survive a dis from Hovie? He went and opened his mouth talking about how the Roc has crumbled and what not, and his song "Summer with Miami" is basically an answer track to Jay’s "Dear Summer".  Poor kid. Oh well, I hope he had fun this summer. And if you don’t think this is the Jay’s first step out of retirement, you’ve lost your mind.

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