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Who Shot Ya


Yesterday marked the 9th anniversary of Tupac’s death and the Feds look like they’re finally getting off they’re ass. They’ve reopened the case of Pac’s ’94 shooting in NY that he survived and most believe set off the now infamous beef between him and Biggie. The shooting at Quad studios in Times Square was never solved but most people in the hood have they’re own theories of who was behind it. Pac had his own theories and he let us know in the second verse of Against All Odds:

I heard he was light skined, stocky with a haitian accent
Jewelry, fast cars and he’s known for flashing (what’s his name)
Listen while I take you back and lace this rap
A real live tale, about a snitch named Haitian Jack
Knew he was working for the feds, same crime different trail
niggas picture what he said, and did I mention
Promised a payback, Jimmy Henchmen, in due time
I knew you bitch niggaz was listening, The World is Mine
Set me up, wet me up, niggaz stuck me up
Heard the guns bust, but you tricks never shut me up
Touch one of mine on everything I own
I’ll destroy everything you touch, play the game nigga
All out warfare, eye For eye
Last words to a bitch nigga, why you lie?
Now you gotta watch your back nigga, watch your front
Here we come gunshots to Tut, now you stuck

You can read what happened that day here and there’s also an interview with Pac from Vibe where he tells the story in his own words.  This report at AHH states that Jimmy Henchmen is a major focus of the reopened investigation although he denies any involvement to this day. He supposedley told AHH that he welcomes any investigation because it will prove his innocence, and he even offered to finance it himself. I hear that. This has potential to get good because the Feds whole reason for reopening the case is because they suspect a connection with Pac’s murder. Between this and the Biggie trial, who knows, we may finally solve the two biggest murders in Hip Hop.

UPDATE: Pics of the Tupac statue in Atlanta that was unveiled yesterday

Pic 1  Pic 2 Pic 3

Too bad it looks nothing like him.  

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