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Ursher got Kanye’s back


Last week the media reported that R&B star Usher thouhgt Kanye’s Bush statement came at an inappropriate time. The Hip Hop community quickly rushed to Kanye’s defense and the shit talk about Usher began almost immediatley. In a statement issued by one of Ursh’s spokespeople, he denied the reports and said he supports Kanye and his statement:

“Contrary to false media reports, I support the personal opinions made by my friend Kanye West. If it wasn’t for his comments, there would not be an open dialogue about the underserved people in the Gulf Region” 

See now this is exactly why I didn’t air Usher out when I first read this. I had a feeling this was part of the media’s plot to pit us against each other, or at the very least to paint a picture of Kanye that suggests that his peers don’t support him. In addtion to the Usher incident, the media also reported that ‘Ye was "roundly booed" at the NFL Kick off game in Boston last week. Even though this sounds more likely, especially in racist ass Boston, SOHH is now reporting that witnesses who were at the game say that there were a few boo’s but they could hardly be heard over the overwhelming applause. Take that mainstream media.  Stop hating on my boy. On another note, do you know how hard it is to find a picture of Usher that isn’t homo’d out? Goddamn, somebody tell that kid to leave his shirt on.

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