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Stray Shots


Blam! Blam! Watch out for those Stray Shots motherfuckers!

First off, congratulations to Hov on winning GQ’s International Man of the Year Award. Speaking of Hov, remember how he allegedly almost got his chain snatched? Word is Young Jeezy held him down. Oh and him and B are engaged. And Bush nominated him to fill that Supreme Court spot. Alright, that last ones bullshit, but you get the picture.

50 loses his damn mind and states: "I feel like Kanye West is successful because of me." At first when I heard this I thought, okay time to shoot this guy again, but then I realized that I’m playing right into his little plot. Say what you want about Fitty, but he ain’t stupid. That nigga plans out all this shit, and you can bet that he thinks about what he’s gonna say to the media way before it comes out of his mouth. I haven’t figured it out yet, but this is some kinda slick marketing ploy.

Fifth is probably feeling the heat after Kanye moved 900,000 his first week and turned the Yayo album into an afterthought.  

The George Bush doesn’t care about black people Gold digger Remix. I don’t know who this dude is, but this is classic. UPDATE: More here.

After all that good news, Cassidy’s shit is once again blown. He is probably going to be re-arrested on 1st degree murder

C-Murder missing after Katrina? (Scroll down) UPDATE: They found him.

Nah Right?

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