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Murder Inc, Supreme, and the plot to kill 50


I really wanted to post about this yesterday, but I wanted to read the documents and the news stories first to get some perspective on what exactly went down here. I’m glad I did because I was about to let loose on some 50-is-a-snitch-motherfucker-who-ran-to-the-Feds-cuz
-‘Preme-and-them-were-about-to-pop-his-ass shit, but that wouldn’t have been fair. Instead I’m gonna just lay out what happened and let you decide.

I’m getting ahead of myself though, first here’s the story. Yesterday, TheSmokingGun.com released IRS documents that revealed that Murder Inc. employees were following 50 and reporting his whearabouts back to Preme, and also alleged that Preme ordered the now infamous 2000 attack that left 50 with several bullet holes, including one in his mug piece. As we all know, 50 pissed Preme off after mentioning his name, along with several other big time weight pushers on his song Ghetto Qua’ran. The IRS report sugests that the attempted murder of 50 was retaliation for him flapping his lips and naming names in the song.

The report was written by IRS agent Francis Mace and includes text messages sent from Murder Inc. staff to Supreme about 50’s movements and shit he was talking in the hood. They seem to think this was part of a plot to finish what was started with the shooting in 2000. The documents also reveal that 50 cooperated with po-po and even stated that he was fearful for his life and had increased his security because he thought there was a price on his head.

In all fairness I should mention that the officer made it clear that 50 did not cooperate with police in the investigation of his own shooting, and only answered questions about the murder of Jam Master Jay. Police seemed to think at the time that Jay’s murder was ordered because he was fucking with 50. Anyway, here are the documents, read ’em, and form your own opinion of whats good with your boy.


"There’s a lot of talk in the streets about me
Niggaz know, ain’t nothing sweet about me
Get back to questions, like "50, who shot ya?…
You think it was Preme, Freeze or Tah, Tah?"

-50 Cent, Fuck You, off the album Guess Who’s Back


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    when preme get out in 2k8 he’ll clap him good.

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