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George Bush doesn’t care about Black People


Kanye West showed the United States the real meaning of ‘reality TV’ last night when he aired out President Bush on live television. During last night’s Concert for Hurricane Relief on NBC, Kanye diverted from his scripted statements and denounced the slow response to the disaster and flat out stated "George Bush doesn’t care about Black people." I fucking love him for this. It’s about time somebody with a voice that can reach millions came out and said what everybody is already thinking, and we all know is true. Not that he’s in any way the first person to go off on Bush, but he did it at the perfect time, and made sure that plenty of people who don’t want to hear shit like that heard it looud and clear.

Over at SOHH they point out that a website, Juicce News Daily (they get no fucking link from me), condemmed the statement and claimed Kanye ‘ruined’ the show. Obviously this website is a bunch of racist, Bush loving, redneck motherfuckers. I mean is it really that hard to accept that Bush hates not only black people, but all poor minorities? They’re are already t-shirts on Ebay with the statement (good looking Edouble on the link), and I’m sure we’ll hear words of support from other hip hop artists and black celebrities over the next few days.

Some of Kanye’s other statements included:

"To anybody out there that wants to do anything that we can help with the set-up that America’s set up to help the poor, the Black people, the less well off – slow as possible. The Red Cross is doing everything they can. We already realized how a lot of the people who could help are at war right now fighting another war. They’ve given them [The U.S. Army] permission to go down [to New Orleans] and shoot us." 

You can peep the video of the broadcast here:



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8 Responses to “George Bush doesn’t care about Black People”

  1. T Nelson Says:


  2. e-double Says:

    I hope the powers that be dont shut my man down for these. Kanye defines REAL. Real is not bustin’ ya gun, slappin a whore or selling poison to your own people. It’s standing up for what you believe in no matter what. Kanye is our next young black leader!

  3. VES Says:

    I didnt vote for that cracker anyway–VOTE KANYE !!

  4. joecritic Says:

    i love this shit cause everyone voted for the punk now no one has anything good to say about him wheres clinton when you need him…

  5. Lejit Says:

    I respect Kanye and all the all his music i got all his albums shit he get props he ripping shit right now… but about the coment as if it isn’t already as obvious as it is but “The preacher said we need leaders” kanye… where do we go from here with it… What was he trying to gain from the comment? I dont like what Bush has done but i dont feel that he should be killed for it. im tired of hearing conversations Bush cant walk into my hood. Shit you welcome in my hood but u gotta str8’n me.
    There could have been another way to express your opinion with out anyone being hated, and eventually being killed. you gotta practice what you preach… what you you just started? feels like the beginning of a revolution to me… Vengeance is the Lords. Romans 17-21
    There are T-shirts for sale on websites such as…
    some shirts in other languages, they all tight 2, makes me want to buy a few. But I gotta see Kanye put one on first. Osama was a wanted man… its funny that now Bush is the wanted man now. I aint finished though… but i prefer talkin to Kanye about it.

  6. Big_seth Says:

    Kanye Said WHAT???


  7. Rey Says:

    5 years later: Crackers STILL mad at ‘Ye for this.


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