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Eye of the Storm


I try to keep this site focused on it’s main subject as much as possible and it was never really meant to be more than a place for entertainment. That’s why you don’t usually find me giving my opinion on non-hip hop related news and events, but with all that’s happened in the last few days, it would be impossible not to acknowledge the devastation occuring right here in our own country.

I’ve been watching the nonstop media coverage of the disaster area that used to be the Gulf Coast and it doesn’t even seem possible that this can be happening. I mean there is basically no more New Orleans. No more French Quarter. No more Calliope Projects. No more 9th Ward. At first, I was pissed because I never got to go to Mardi Gras. Now I see how insignifigant that is when thousands of people, maybe a million are homeless as we speak. It’s crazy trying to imagine what it must be like to lose everything you own except the clothes on your back. People can’t find their children and parents and grandparents. People are shooting at each other and the people trying to rescue them.

Right now what’s left of New Orleans is completely out of control and when you look at it, you get the feeling like your seeing coverage of Iraq, or, Afghanistan, or Indonesia after the Tsunami, not a major U.S. city. I just heard the mayor on TV literally cursing out Bush and FEMA ‘cuz of the delay in getting help to the city. Alot of people, the mayor included, want to know how we can spend billions in Iraq and send more than 100,000 troops there, but we can’t get our own people food and water and shelter. Good fucking questions, but the sad part is this shit doesn’t really surprise me. If you notice, most of the people you see on TV are of a certain ethnic group that historically hasn’t done too well in this country. Is anybody really that surprised that these are the people on rooftops and stuffed into stadiums that are being ignored by the government?


Here are some questions: Last nite, the "officials" in charge of rescue operations called rescuers back beacuse of Security concerns after what the media called a ‘military’ helicopter was shot at. Why would a military helicopter have to run from some idiot with a shotgun? Can’t they defend themselves and the city of N.O. the way they defend Baghdad and Fallujah? What exactly are 50% of the Louisiana  National Guard doing in fucking Iraq instead of their home state anyway?

This hurricane happened on Monday. How the fuck does Bush continue his vacation until Wednesday? How does it take him until Friday to arrive at the scene? How come two days ago during the most crucial time, I only see one or two helicopters plucking people off roofs and out of water? Why weren’t thousands of troops and helicopters sent there immediatley?

Our Government, especially our ‘president’, can’t be fucking serious. The worse part is that he’s already been re-elected, by some of the same people who are now suffering, to another term. Do you think he rally gives a fuck what happens now? We can’t do anything to him now ‘cuz it’s too late. We hadour chance in the last election and we blew it and now we’re paying the price.

Here are some stories about how the several Hip Hop artists that call New Orleans home have been affected by this disaster, and how others are helping. Choppa from Making the Band, lost a couple of his friends. Lil Wayne’s mother and daughter were missing. Juvenile lost his home. Master P’s uncle, father-in-law and sister-in-law are all missing. Here’s a quote from AHH:

"If we [as the United States] could put a million people, a million solders in Afghanistan and Iraq, we can definitely put the same effort towards New Orleans, and Mississippi," Juvenile said at a press conference hosted by BET and The American Red Cross, "They have the ability to fly down and save people. All I’m asking is please take some time out and put forth the same effort – if not more – towards [helping] our country, because [we are in] the United States and we are trying to make it."


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