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Vh1 50 Greatest Hip Hop Artists

Friday, September 30th, 2005


I’ve been meaning to air out VH1 for this 50 Greatest list for a minute now. They’ve definitely caught it on other sites for this bullshit list, but I had to put my 2 cents in, you know that. This is what I do.

I have highlighted in red the artists who shouldn’t even be anywhere near the list. In blue are the maybes and in green are the artists who got jerked as far as they’re ranking.  Everybody else, should probably be there for different reasons, but not in the order they’re in.

50. Sugarhill Gang
49. Tone Loc  -?
48. Kool Moe Dee
47. Arrested Development  – You guys had like one hit song…
46. Eve
45. Heavy D & The Boyz
44. MC Hammer
43. Coolio
42. Kurtis Blow
41. MC Lyte
40. Gang Starr
39. Ja Rule –ahead of Gang Starr and Kurtis Blow?
38. Biz Markie
37. The Roots
36. Master P
35. Big Daddy Kane
34. Lil’ Kim
33. De La Soul
32. Cypress Hill
31. Naughty By Nature
30. Will Smith & DJ Jazzy Jeff
29. Nelly – ahead of Kane, Biz, and De La Soul?
28. Busta Rhymes
27. A Tribe Called Quest
26. Ice Cube
25. Snoop Dogg
24. Queen Latifah
23. OutKast
22. DMX
21. KRS-One
20. Eric B. & Rakim
19. Nas
18. Afrika Bambaataa
17. The Fugees & Lauryn Hill
16. Ice-T
15. Wu-Tang Clan
14. Missy Elliott – ahead of Nas, Rakim, and Cube?
13. N.W.A.
12. P. Diddy – ahead of anybody on this list?
11. Beastie Boys
10. Jay-Z
9. Salt-N-Pepa
8. Grandmaster Flash
7. Dr. Dre
6. Eminem
5. LL Cool J
4. Notorious B.I.G.
3. Tupac Shakur
2. Public Enemy
1. Run-DMC

I can’t really argue with Run-DMC at number 1, but PE should probably be moved up a couple of spots. I like Em and everything, but how does he rank in front of Rakim, Guru, Kane, Nas, Jay-Z, and N.W.A.? And what no Kool Herc? The man invented Hip Hop for crying out loud! And are they trying to say Missy has been more important to Hip Hop than Ice-T, Busta, and Cypress Hill? No Big Pun? No Big L? No Redman? I like what VH1’s been doing in terms of Hip Hop shows and documentaries lately, (God knows they’re doing a better job than BET) but they need to fall back thinking that gives them the right to even try making this type of list.


Bad Album Covers: G-Unit Radio pt. 14

Thursday, September 29th, 2005


I guess G-Unit didn’t get the memo: the whole gun pointing gimmick went out like 2 Smack DVD’s ago. But that’s not even why this cover is so bad, its the artwork…Banks, Buck and Yayo are the only toy soldiers that I even recognize, and look at 50’s face! He looks even more gorilla like than usual. 

50: Can you make me look a little more like a gorilla? 

Artist: You mean a guerilla, like on some camouflauge, freedom fighter shit?

50: No, like a baboon.

Artist: [silence]

50: And here’s a pic of Jay-Z’s private jet, if you can work that in the background somehow that’d be great. 


M.O.P. album coming soon

Thursday, September 29th, 2005


M.O.P. is scheduled to drop an album, The St. Marxmen, on October 18th. The only thing is, it ain’t on G-Unit. No, sir its dropping on Koch records and heres the tracklist:

1. Fliptro
2. Pain
3. Big Boy Game
4. MarxMen Skit
5. It’s Hard To Tell f/ Foxx & Inf
6. Suicide f/ Teflon
7. Hip-Hop Cops f/ Wyclef Jean
8. Pop Shots Remix f/ ODB
9. Classic Skit
10. Put It In The Air f/ Jay-Z
11. Skit
12. Muddy Waters
13. Party Like A Rockstar
14. Skit
15. Instigator
16. Take A Minute
17. G Boy Stance

 This seems kinda strange for a couple of reasons: Why is it dropping on Koch and not G-Unit? Why can’t I find anything on Koch’s site about M.O.P.? Why isn’t there any kinda statement from them in the SOHH article?


How you want it, my kicks are 7500

Thursday, September 29th, 2005


Check out this flick of Styles P white T’d out at Jacob the Jewler’s sneaker launch party. Notice the strategically placed Jacob watch. That’s straight Yonkers. So yeah, your boy Jacob is launching a sneaker line. Each pair comes with a unique serial number, they will be available in ostrich and crocodile skin, and have a diamond bezel just like the watches. And they’ll run you something like $7500 a pair. Now, that may sound like alot but this might be the type of long term investment that will be good for rappers. I mean, they usually take better care of their kicks than themselves, and chains and watches might get lost or stolen (cough, cough, Ja Rule).


Bonus: New Styles P – Pu**y Niggas – From the Ghost in the Machine mixtape, over Yayo’s "I Know You Don’t Love Me" beat. Fire. 

Stray Shots

Wednesday, September 28th, 2005


So the word is Hovie might have some footage of Game that he’s gonna use at this Power 105 show next month on some Prodigy/Summer Jam type shit. What kind of footage you ask? Well lets just say theres been a rumor going around for a while that Game used to be a male stripper…. 

Killa Cam is suing R.Kelly over a song he claims he co-wrote.  

From today’s Daily News:

Lowdown asked Ja, born Jeffrey Atkins, if he’s going to see 50’s new movie, "Get Rich or Die Tryin.’"

"I always study the enemy, so I might check it out," Ja replied. "But it looks kinda bull-."

Suddenly, hip-hop mogul Irv Gotti – the CEO of Ja’s record label, The Inc., and another mortal enemy of 50 Cent – appeared at Ja’s side.

"Y’all say some pretty crazy s- about me," Gotti groused.

"No, the Daily News is all right. That’s the Post!" Ja told him.

"Oh, the Post," Gotti agreed solemnly.

So will Gotti see "Get Rich or Die Tryin’"?

"See, that’s what the f- I’m talkin’ about!" he exploded and stormed away.

Also in the Daily News, Diddy claims he spoke to Biggie’s Moms about her statements about him and Kim and they cleared everything up…only thing is Ms. Wallace didn’t return the News’ calls to confirm the story and the publisher of her book said the comments are still in the book and won’t be removed…. I guess there’s 2 sides to every story right….

….actually, sometimes there are 3 sides to every story. Peep this new Joe Buddens track 3 Sides to a Story.  I like Joe, but I never really checked for his stuff like that, but take my word for it this kid destroyed this track. It’s a story track where he rhymes from the perspective of the 3 people involved in the situation and then at the end it all ties in together. Crazy. Trust me on this one, I wouldn’t steer you wrong.



Stop the bitin’

Tuesday, September 27th, 2005


I wouldn’t usually give 2 shits about anything Bone Thugs related but this is to good not to post. Group member Layzie Bone damn near had his finger bitten off by a pissed off fan this past weekend. Yeah, I said bitten off, bear with me. The group was supposed to perform at a club in Palm Springs but the show ended up being cancelled. So they headed back to their hotel to chill and invited some fans to join them in one of their rooms. Apparently one fan, out of nowhere, attacked the rapper and managed to bite through one of his fingers all the way to the bone! Fucking crazy right? The first question that comes to mind: These guys still perform? Second: People actually go to these shows? Who knew? The report at MTV News says that Layzie not only didn’t press charges against the dude, but he wouldn’t even cooperate with police. Let me tell you, I don’t like to think of myself as a press charges kind of guy, but if some fool tried to Hannibal Lecter my finger off, I think its safe to say that dude needs some time ‘away’.

Dame sells out

Tuesday, September 27th, 2005


Dame just sold his remaining 25% stake in Rocawear for somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 million. He’s saying that the line is "no longer reflective of who he is". I hear that. He also said that contrary to what has been said about the Rocafella split, it was actually initiated by Jay, ‘cuz he felt Dame wasn’t "pulling his weight", and was taking advantage of his fame. This news comes a day after Beanie made a statement saying that he is not with either Rocafella records or the Dame Dash Music group, and that he is trying to get Dame and Jay to kiss and make up.

Biggie vs. Bob Marley

Monday, September 26th, 2005


Exclusive first single from the upcoming Biggie Duets album, featuring Biggie’s verses from Suicidal Thoughts and portions of Bob Marley’s Johnny Was. This copy is nice and dirty and ripped straight from AOL Music’s site, which is the only place to get it right now, unless your on your game and read Nahright everyday. The album is produced by Clinton Sparks and is supposed to drop November 29th.

Biggie ft. Bob Marley – Hold Your Head 


Beanie Sigel acquitted of Attempt. Murder

Monday, September 26th, 2005


In what may have been the shortest re-trial ever, Beanie Sigel was acquitted today on attempted murder charges for the 2003 shooting Terrance Speller.  The re-trial just began last week and started off with one of the prosecution’s key witnesses suddenly forgetting everything he saw the night of the shooting and admitting that he never actually saw Beans fire the gun.  The witness, who complained of daily threats during Sigels first trial also stated:

"I really don’t want to be involved in this case, because I got to think about my own life."

So what really happened here, in case your not getting it, is Beans peoples strongarmed dude into his sudden memory loss and ensured an acquittal on their own terms. Its fucked up but in the words of ‘Pac "Hey, that’s just the way it is." So now Beans has only 1 trial left to face and if he can beat that, he’s in the clear. Meanwhile, I’d say this dudes gangsta is definitely certified.

New Fugees – Take it Easy

Monday, September 26th, 2005


This new Fugees joint just leaked.  I haven’t even had a chance to listen yet, but I figured 10 years without a new song deserved a post…

Fugees – Take it Easy