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Stray Shots


Usually when I do one of these posts with a whole bunch of different stories, I call it ‘Random Shit’. I don’t really like that title cuz it’s boring and sounds stupid and I just made up one day. So I’m trying to figure out a new name but I’m kinda stuck. I’m trying out ‘Stray Shots’, cuz that sounds better than ‘Random Shit’, but I’m not really sure that’s the one I’m gonna run with. If any of you smartasses out there have a good idea, post it in the comments. If I like it and decide to use it, you will win a nice, brand new, burned copy of the Tony Yayo album. Nah Let me stop, you won’t win shit. 

Game was thrown out of the Magic Fashion convention in Vegas. At first it was claimed that the organizers feared a retaliation on Game for the shooting of Sugar Bear Knight this past weekend.  Today the organizers stated that Game was denied entry because his security had burners with them. 

You may have heard that last week, 50 filed a lawsuit against a car dealership in Philly for using his image in an ad without permission. At the time I dismissed this as another petty move by a dude who needs to get over himself. I mean what is 50 worth now, like a zillion dollars? Why can’t he let the little guys eat too? But then today I hear that Snoop is also suing the same dealership for using his image 3 days after the 50 lawsuit was filed!? Now I say these idiots are just asking for it, sue they’re asses.

Scott Storch is fucking with Paris Hilton? I thought she was engaged? Whore.

Kanye is suing some DJ from Chi Town to stop the release of some of his old material.  Alotta suing going around this month huh. I’m also hearing that for Kanyeezy to even recoup the cost of making Late Registration, he’s gonna need to move 2.7 million copies. Shit man. I don’t doubt he can or will, but that’s alot of units. The word is the album was way over budget, and Ye said it’s basically a gift to the Fans. Yeah aight nigga, we can just imagine how much you’re making off that Pepsi add they ran like 27 times during  the VMA’s. 


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4 Responses to “Stray Shots”

  1. e-double Says:

    maybe we can get the car dealership to use a picture of me so i can sue them.

  2. joecritic Says:

    this dealership must of a salesman named tuffy trying to do anything to get sales..

  3. Jersey Girl Says:


  4. NovemberEnd Says:

    Pryor > Foxx > Murphy > Chappelle > Rock

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