Kiss Your Ass Goodbye Remix


Behold the Kiss Your Ass Goodbye Remix feat. Kiss, Beanie Sigel, and Fabolous. Fire. It cuts off towards the end of Kiss’ verse, but sorry, this is the best copy I can find.  Courtesy of

Kiss Your Ass Goodbye Remix Update: Here’s a good copy that doesn’t cut off. Now that I’ve listened to this a few times, it’s crazy but it seems like Beanie is taking shots at Jay (or the Roc), while Kiss is talking about signing to them! Listen for yourself.

And here’s a little snippet of the Sheek interview over at AHH right now. There were rumors of a return to Bad Boy, then Roc-A-Fella, what is the state of The Lox?

Sheek Louch: Right now, we’re in negotiations. Right now, Jay-Z’s trying to buy the Lox from Interscope. He’s trying to get the Styles Project, ‘Kiss project, the Lox as a group. My stuff is over at D-Block besides the Lox, so he’s trying to get that. So I think that’s almost in closing, we’re gonna make that happen. So the lineup is my album in September, a D-Block compilation coming for Christmas, J-Hood is coming in February. Once everything is said and done with the Lox deal, that’s when we’ll hit the streets with it. It’s called Live, Suffer, Celebrate, the new Lox album. 


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4 Responses to “Kiss Your Ass Goodbye Remix”

  1. joecritic Says:

    oh please tell when when that jhood is coming haha get the fuck outta here with these wack ass f-ckers besides kiss they all garbage. styles is ok but to tough for a nigg that smaller than jarule.and jayz wants these cats but beans is out to gunit so will 50 sign him then dissing him for making this song with kiss the ass that 50 is.

  2. Crazy88Since88 Says:

    ***88 goes BACK TO THE FUTURE***

    …SMH… No J-Hood in 2007…

    ***88 Disapears in ElDog w/flux capacitor***

  3. 911 Says:

    If truth be told…this fucking site came up when I was googlin’ for a D-Block picture…yeah ninja I’m working on my .com that’s still under wraps…your focking everywhere…jeez us. props…right clicks and saves…peace.

  4. foggylungz aka jazo Says:

    look out for the poobs interview

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