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Random Shit

Aight so that Kanye leaked sometime last Thursday and I’ve been building on it for a few days. This shit is nuts but I don’t think the world of 2005 Hip Hop  is really ready for it. Critics have already called everything, including a classic, and I predict him to go multi within a couple of weeks the most, but the people who loved College Dropout might be confused by this album.

Peep this fucking video of Kan wilding out on a Radio D.J. in Canada.

I saw this a while back, and I was gonna let it slide, but then I was like naaaaah. Nas see’s UFO’s huh? Come on Nas fans, let’s hear.

Members of G-Unit makes some kid take off his G-Unot shirt.

Go buy Sean Price’s album Monkey Bars right now! Hold this in the meantime.

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