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Kanye’s crying ass on the cover of Time


With his new album set to drop on August 30th Kanyeezy has gone and got himself the cover of Time Magazine. Not to bad for a pink polo wearing mama’s boy. In the article he talks about how he used to leave label meetings crying ‘cuz nobody had faith in him as a rapper and all that.  Here’s a quote from Dame: 

“Kanye wore a pink shirt with the collar sticking up and Gucci loafers,” said former Roc-A-Fella CEO Damon Dash. "It was obvious we were not from the same place or cut from the same cloth.”

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5 Responses to “Kanye’s crying ass on the cover of Time”

  1. E Double Says:

    best album of the year so far. f*ck all the fake thug ish. kanye isnt afraid of being himself. no reinforcing negative stereotypes and coonin’ for these crackers @ the labels. kanye is the truth.

  2. joecritic Says:

    this album is far from good he gives all his good shit to jayz and other artist.yes its true he probbaly is the best for the politics but he need to stick to producing forevere ever ever ever ever ever u gotta be kidding me how this guy thinks hes the best with these lyrics.

  3. joecritic Says:

    waaaaaaaaaaaa i didnt win a music award waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i didnt do 1 mill in the first week waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa im not faithful to dam dash waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. i dont know who cries more this guy or allen iverson.

  4. argus Says:

    being that our genre has become so archaic and every mc comes out spitt’in the archytypically stale tales of street lore, waxing poetic on the lustre of bling, bitches and bavarian automatation ye’s music HAS BECOME infectiously original in spite of HIS bellicose bullshit and hubristic -ass only child tendencies

  5. nikita Says:

    k ima just go ahead and say this kanye has some good songs(1-3) all the rest are garbage he shoudnt be signed to rocafella and shoudnt win awards with all his bullshiiit about bush doesnt care about black ppl.No Dis Respect but I think all those wires in his mouth have gone to his tiny little brain.And Allen Averson?, oh man That kid is dope ,son jhes the greatest… one of the best.

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