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Em in Rehab

Ahhh so this is the real reason he cancelled the rest of Anger Management.

From AllHipHop

Eminem has been admitted to a hospital for an addiction to sleeping pills, the rapper’s record label said in a statement.

"Marshall Mathers, a.k.a. Eminem, is in the hospital under doctors’ care. He’s being treated for dependency on sleep medication,” Interscope Records revealed. On Tuesday, the rapper cancelled a European tour with Anger Management 3 citing exhaustion and “other medical issues.” Those other ailments were not immediately released.

The rapper’s label didn’t indicate whether where the rapper was being treated for the dependency on sleeping pills. 

That makes more sense then ‘exhaustion’. 

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  1. vesybnvs Says:

    WHY NOT ?? rehab is a vacation for EM.

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