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Source Editor in Chief resigns


Another chapter was written today in the ongoing saga of The Source when Editor in Chief Joshua "Fahiym" Ratcliffe resigned his position. The abrupt resignation was apparently the result of a dispute over what rating the upcoming Little Brother album, The Minstrel Show, should recieve. Ratcliffe and his editorial staff felt the album deserved a 4 1/2 Mic rating but Owner Dave Mays and ‘co-founder’ Ray Benzino felt otherwise. This is just another example of how Mays and Benzino have run that mag into the ground, and why I can no longer fuck with them. That said, I’m gonna use the rest of this post to big up Little Brother. For those who don’t know, Little Brother is a 3 man group out of N.C. that consists of super producer 9th Wonder, and rappers Phonte and Big Pooh. These niggas are the truth! I just listened to their mixtape, The Chitlin Circuit 1.5 and these dudes are putting out that real fucking hip hop. I haven’t heard anything from the Minstrel Show, but I don’t doubt that it deserves 4 1/2 mics. In conclusion, fuck The Sauce, and if your into real 90’s style hip hop with blaing beats and fire lyrics, check out Little Brother, I won’t steer you wrong.

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2 Responses to “Source Editor in Chief resigns”

  1. N.A.T Says:

    little brother is them niggaz. i feel yall niggaz. this is real fuckin hip hop. they reppin N.C riht. but ain’t gettin no love. i bought the minstrel show lp. i’m bout to cop the listening and the chitlin circuit 1.5. my personal opinion the minstrel show iz a fuckin classic. 10/10, matta of fact a fuckin 20/20. they real niggaz. 9th wonder iz my muthafuckinnnnnnnnnn nigga. he reminds me of all the old skool niggaz. his beats iz over the fuckin point. THese niggaz are real fuckin hip hop. i can’t hate on these niggaz at all, or talk bad bout them. they doin it’ and livin it’. my favorite producas of all time in my era is Dj Hi tek, and 9th wonder. period they are my 2 biggest inspirations.

    i luv yall niggaz stay real and tru to tha game. u can thank me by makin quality musik. one luv.

  2. Nah Right » 9th Wonder x Little Brother? Says:

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