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Cassidy’s charges lowered, may be headed home

Some more good news for Cassidy when today his charges were lowered from 1st degree murder to 3rd degree murder. He was also awarded bail in the amount of 2.5 million. Usually that ouwld mean he’d be able to post bail and go home today or tomorrow, but the bail order was stayed to allow the prosection to appeal it. But if Cas is lucky, he could be home by next week.  Even though the charge was lowered he will definitley being going to trial on the 3rd degree charge. All of this isn’t just due to good luck, but rather because the defense was able to show through ballistics that the 3 dudes Cassidy and his boys allegedly let off at, fired back, where as it was previously stated that they were unarmed. You may also remember that last month one of the witnesses changed his tune and claimed he lied in his statement to police when he said he saw Cas fire a weapon.  

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