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Dame leaving Roc-a-Wear?


Hiphopdx is talking about Dame is leaving Roc-a-Wear, but I don’t know about that shit. That would be a pretty big and stupid move for Dame and if it’s true, then why are they the only motherfuckers reporting it?  Here’s what he supposedly told MTV News:

"It’s time to move on, I think," Dash said to MTV last week. "I designed the line until next summer, so they’ll be all right for a year. But I’m trying to go in another direction. I’m a businessman; I have no emotional attachments to any of my businesses. I’m a hustla, I flip things. We’ll do the State Property [line], we’ll do the Team Roc. Pro Keds is killing them. We have the Dame Dash collection with the suits." 

I’m not saying he didn’t say that, but maybe they’re blowing his words out of proportin a little bit ‘cuz wouldn’t MTV be reporting the same shit? Well if it does turn out to be true, you heard it here um, second.

Also in Dame Dash Music Group news, Beanie gave State Property the tounge lashing everybody was expecting as soon as he got out of Jail:

From MTV News:

"Do I think they were disloyal for going with Jay[-Z]? Nah," he said. "My whole thing is they were disloyal to me period. … Just not being there, period, for me. Not for the [business] decisions they made. … I was mad because they weren’t loyal to me period. Even when I was on house arrest, before I got booked, I didn’t get a phone call. I never got one letter from any of them since I been jail. Oschino and Sparks are the only ones that kept in contact with me."


Beans also said that it wasn’t even a question of whether he was going to go with Dame or Jay. He said that he fucks with Dame outside of work and that’s his man like that, and even though he still got love for Jay, it wasn’t really a hard choice.  


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