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Review: Anger Management 3 at MSG


I tried writing this last night when I got back, but the Heineken and ‘dro had other plans for me, so here goes the sober version. Last night Em and 50, along with pretty much the whole Shady/Aftermath/G-Unit roster, did the second of 2 shows at Madison Square Garden in NYC. You already know my opinion of 50 and some his recent behavior, but I’m gonna put that aside for a minute and break it down for ya’ll.

These niggas tore that arena down! Me and Ves got there at the perfect time because luckily we just missed the Lil John and Ying Yang Twins perfomance and there was a short intermission before 50 came out. We grabbed some Heniekens, posted up at our seats and blazed a blunt. (On a side note, let me just say that being at a show and having someone say to you "your in my seat", is not Hip Hop.) Anyway, 50 comes out and does a couple solo joints that I don’t remember, and right away brings out Banks and Buck, I guess to let everybody know that they were out of jail. Buck did some song I never heard in my life but that most of the crowd sang along to. Banks did a couple of joints from his album, but for whatever reason felt like he didn’t have to do "I’m so Fly". Bad move. 50 came out and did "P.I.M.P" in an all white suit with Yayo who had an all black suit. That shit was all good and everything, but then these niggas start doing Yayo’s new joint, you know the one where sings and shit. Me and Ves fucking died laughing man, them niggas really looked like the fucking 5 Heartbeats on stage singing in suits and shit. Yayo looked like he was about 60 years old, that nigga should stick to G-Unit T’s for real.

Next was Mobb Deep and they set it off with "Twisted", which the crowd was loving but I never really liked that song too much so I was like eh, whatever.  They did some other shit they had no business doing, then fucking tore it down with "Quiet Storm", whithout Lil Kim’s verse for obvious reasons. I decided I can’t fucking stand that "Outta Control" shit they got with 50. Pure garbage.

I shouldn’t even have to tell you that M.O.P. fucking tore the roof off when they did "Ante Up", that goes without saying. I really don’t even remember what else they did to tell you the truth. Olivia came out looking like a man and did some shit with G-Unit I don’t think I ever heard. I could be wrong, but I swear that before she came on stage 50 was like yo "my nigga is about to come out here right now". Hank heard it to so I know I ain’t crazy.

50 did "Piggy Bank" and showed the video. I decided that that song is fucking garbage. Besides the fact that the disses are weak, it’s just not a good song. He also did "I Run NY", which I decided is an aight song, even though the disses are weak in that too. He started talking shit and told the crowd to scream "G-Unit!" if you fuck with him, or "G-Unot!" if you don’t. I was dying, cuz mad people yelled G-Unot, which I wasn’t expecting in a room full of 50 Cent Stan’s. After they yelled it 50 told them, "Good now go make me richer and buy Game’s album!"

D12 was there and they did a few joints, so it was time for a bathroom break. That’s fucked up too man, cuz them niggas really can rap, it’s just that nobody really wants to here them. They did come back out with Em later and tore down "How Come", I’ll give them that.

Which brings us to the Em perfomance. First off let me say there I haven’t seen so many white people in one place since fucking Woodstock. And they weren’t just there for Em either, cuz they knew all of 50’s lyrics like a motherfucker. So anyway you can imagine how that place started fucking shaking when Em stepped on stage. I’ve been to a few concerts in my time, and I never saw a reaction for an artist like that. It was bananas. Em did mostly new joints like Mockingbird, Mosh, and Ass like that. I’ll say this, that boy knows how to perform. His delivery and breath control are crazy, you can here every word clearly like he was 10 feet in front of you. He brought D12 back out like I said, and fucking Stat Quo. Stat Quo is fucking garbage.  

All in all, the show was hot, and I had probably the second or 3rd best time I’ve ever had at a show. I’ll give it to 50, he has definitley stepped his show game up since Summer Jam two years ago. That was when I started hating him, ‘cuz his performance was garbage and then he had the nerve to talk shit to the crowd and get all mad at us like it’s our fault he coudn’t perform. Fuck outta here.

So there you have it, I just saved you 90 bucks, you motherfuckers should be thanking me.  

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4 Responses to “Review: Anger Management 3 at MSG”

  1. VESYBNVS Says:

    I’ll CO-SIGN THAT.

  2. VESYBNVS Says:

    __TIME 2 HATE__
    But lets not forget the shiny GUNIT made up of glitter blingin on backs of those GUNIT solders…Get-A-Grip… GLITTER GUY–these niggas got some nerve goin against DBLOCK.

    YAYO did a song about DBLOCK -It was a remake of WELCOME TO JAMROCK-that raggae shit you hear on HOT 97 all day–It was aight for 1 verse -but- you know he had help from his camp–

  3. Regina B. Says:

    I wonder if those fools can do any better that 50 because to me 50 is hott!!!!….

  4. Mike Says:

    I’guess I was at the first show cause Mase and Busta was Thea high as fuck

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