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Beanie Sigel released from Jail


Yo, there’s alot of fucking jail news today, and it’s ill ‘cuz I just got the XXL Jail issue in the mail yesterday….2 months late! I’m gonna lay low for the next few days in case the Big Guy is trying to warn me of somthing, nahimean. So anyhow, Beanie Sigel was released from the Fairton Federal Correctional facilitie in NJ this morning, and shit man, it sounds like Dame realy held your boy down:

From MTV News: 

The MC was welcomed in true Dame Dash style. Dash presented Sigel with a DVD copy of "State Property 2" (Sig never saw the film in which he starred), some State Property clothes and a pair of sneakers from Sigel’s State Property shoe line, which operates under the Pro Keds umbrella. He had a sleek black tour bus ready to take Beans from Jersey to his home in Philly. And a plethora of Beanie Sigel posters were taped to telephone poles and walls for at least two miles on the road leading out of the prison.


So now Beans finally gets to promote his album, The B.Coming, which if you don’t know, was one of the hottest joints of the year.  

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