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Jay feeling that Kanye and Nas

So Kanye had a listening party for late Registration the other night, and the word is the album is fucking out of control. But the track everybody’s talking about is "We Major" which features the little homey Nas. Supposedly when Kanye recently played the track for Jay, he wild out and started freestyling over it. I heard that he didn’t play the whole track at the listening session either, so wouldn’t it be nuts if the last verse was from Hov? Hey stranger things have happened. Keep in mind that Nas recently showed love for Jay at a performance for the Rock The Bells concert in LA. He reportedly performed Ether without the second verse ripping Jay, and even told the DJ not to play the ‘fuck Jay-Z’ part at the beginning, instead replacing it with ‘fuck 50’.

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One Response to “Jay feeling that Kanye and Nas”

  1. VESYBNVS Says:

    only kanye could bring those to guys together

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