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50’s Book and Piggy Bank Video


This fucking guy is everyhere.  He’s got movies, video games, watches, fucking vitamin water, and now a book.  From Pieces to Weight : Once Upon a time in Southside Queens, 50’s autobiography, hits stores on August 8th. I’m not the biggest supporter of Curtis ‘Interscope’ Jackson right now, but I can’t lie, I’d probably read this shit. The same way I’ll probably download pay to see his movie. Wink wink.

In other 50 news,  you may have heard that he’s re-releasing his album, The Massacre, with some new joints and 21 music videos, one for each song. Well over at VH1 they have some info on the Piggy Bank video:

The video is animated and starts with three boys walking down "Beaver Street" when one of them stops at an arcade. The kid is infatuated with a game called "Rapper Knockout," which stars 50 Cent as a ring king beating opponents to a pulp. The video then takes a look inside the video game as 50 squares off against Fat Joe. The animated Joe is afraid to go the ring at first, and gets pummeled when he finally enters.

The same fate holds true for an animated Jadakiss, which Fif imagines dressed up like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle — complete with Raphael’s red mask and a slice of pizza — wearing a belt with a buckle that says "Jada."

Later, 50 depicts Game as a Mr. Potato Head doll with a "Wankster" headband and Cassidy as a young kid wearing a pink hoodie with "I’m a Hustla" embroidered on it. Cass gets punched in the stomach by two kids. In a separate scene, another kid is seen wearing Superman’s tights and cape while running down the street. Instead of the Man of Steel’s S, he has a red logo of Nas’ name on his chest and is chasing a "Milkshake" truck before jumping at the vehicle and falling flat on his face.


That Curtis, always full of jokes… 

Update: Here are some screenshots from the Video, the Game pic is priceless.

Nas Jada Game Cassidy 

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  1. VESYBNVS Says:

    that kiss pic is priceless too.

  2. E Double Says:

    get em fiddy

  3. Jadakiss Says:

    Not really

  4. Shaniece Says:

    dat shit iz n da way

  5. Shaniece Says:

    dat shit iz n da way





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