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Bad Album covers: Vanilla Ice


This has to be this bad on purpose, right? I mean you’ve really got to try to make an album cover this bad… Right? This is worse than anything No Limit put out in the 90’s and that’s bad. You know your gonna pick that up to, stop frontin.



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6 Responses to “Bad Album covers: Vanilla Ice”

  1. VESYBNVS Says:

    oh-i didnt even know he dropped–im gonna go copp that today.

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  4. slumlord Says:

    this dude is so supercorny

  5. DC's Ridah Man Says:

    Shiiiit!! U crazy…No limit had them vicious cd covers in the 90’s…..whatever was on they covers had something to do with the cd title..Unlike these G unit clowns

  6. old south rider Says:

    No limit was the shit and the first to come with album covers like they did. Remember those extra thick green cd case for ghetto d hotness

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