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Cuban Link is locked up?


I’m not sure if anybody cares, but Cuban Link is locked up? Since when? There’s a story over at Sohh right now that says Shyne and Cuban were barred from attending a performance on Rikers by R&B singer Sharissa. I was like, hold on, since when is this dude locked up? Doesn’t he have an album coming out in like 2 weeks? And I haven’t heard anythign about this in the media, and you know how they have a field day when any rapper so much as gets a parking ticket. His website doesn’t say anything about it and it still gives August 16th as the release date for the album, Chain Reaction. Then again, Sohh has been on some retraction shit lately. I stay catching them posting incorrect shit in their articles and then changing it a couple hours later like nothing happened.  Like a couple of weeks ago when they tried to say 50’s G-Unit watch was the world’s first mp3 watch which is such an incredible claim that I was gonna air them out in a post here, but by the time I got around to writing it they had changed the story.  It’s all good though I still got love for them, they were like the first Hip Hop website I ever fucked with.

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2 Responses to “Cuban Link is locked up?”

  1. VESYBNVS Says:

    i thought this guy was filming a movie.? scarface 2?

  2. gggggnsstga Says:

    he not locked up

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