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Archive for July, 2005

Eminem: Naaah I’m not retiring

Wednesday, July 20th, 2005

 So now the word is Eminem is not retiring:


From SOHH:

A recent article in the Detroit Free Press stated that Em was set to retire following a concert in Dublin, Ireland on September 17th. Supposedly, last year’s Encore was scheduled to be Slim’s last release as he readies to focus on production rather than rap. However, Em addressed the retirement rumors during his Anger Management 3 set at Washington’s White River Amphitheatre.

"How many of you all read the tabloids? Cause there’s some sh!t goin’ around that I’m retiring," Em told the crowd.

Slim then noted that the article next to the retirement story was a piece about the moon "to blow up today." He then added, "I’m retiring? then I guess the moon just blew up" before mooning the crowd. Em added that if he ever retired and decided to come back his new stage name would be "Rain Man."

 Em’s publicist is then quoted as saying that this album and tour are "…the close of the first chapter of Eminem’s career. Beyond that, no decisions have been made." So he’s basically dong some Jay-Z shit and semi-half-ass retiring on some I don’t wanna deal with the pressure but I still may wanna make music shit.  Oh well, sorry E Dubbz you ain’t getting rid of that cracka ass cracka that easy.

A good look for Cassidy

Wednesday, July 20th, 2005


AllHipHop is reporting that at a hearing yesterday one of the dudes who was with murder victim Desmond Hawkins at the time of the shooting retracted his earlier statement that he actually saw Cassidy fire the gun at the 3 men. He said that at the time he was tired and wanted to go home, plus he still had a bullet lodged in his leg from the incident. That sounds to me like the police pretty much forced or somehow influenced him to make the statement that Cassidy was the one firing the gun. I know that type of thing happens all the time, but that is some real bullshit. Let’s just say Cass is innocent, that means he’s been sitting in jail for a month now for no reason except that some detective forced a witness to say what he wanted to hear. So anyway, this may mean he can be released as the trial and investigation proceed. Another hearing has been set for August.


It’s Muuurder!

Wednesday, July 20th, 2005


Remember this guy? Been wondering what he’s been up to? Well it looks like after Curtis put the breaks on his career, he’s been trying his hand at the bang out shoot-em-up gangsta thing. The Feds are investigating your boy for the murder of notorious Queens stick up kid Willie "Bang Bang" Clark last year. Clark and his boy Troy Moore, who were rumored to have stuck up one of Foxy Brown’s brothers, showed up at a party Ja was throwing at Club LQ in December 2004. Video cameras near by caught the rest on tape. As Clark and Moore arrived at the club Ja was about to leave in his whip.

The tapes show one of his bodyguards running up to the car window and telling another bodyguard to come with him "It’s going down". The two bodyguards are then seen pulling out and busting at Clark and Moore. Clark died from his wounds and Moore was injured.  Moore is currently locked up on gun charges that resulted from the same incident. All of this came to light as part of the ongoing Federal investigation into Murder Inc. and its ties to Kenneth ‘Supreme’ McGriff, a notorious drug lord from Queens.

Not bad huh? Meanwhile a recent Ja Rule performance (they still have those?) at The House of Blues in LA ended in violence when Jeffrey took the stage late and the drunk and rowdy crowd started brawling. It got so bad they had to end the show early. Those crazy Ja Rule fans! What are we gonna do with them….

New Papoose Mixtape, LOX video, Lil Kim

Tuesday, July 19th, 2005


There’s a new Papoose mixtape floating around, that I can’t find anywhere yet, so the title is pretty accurate: A Bootlegger’s Nightmare. Man, I’m looking for this shit like that missing chick in Aruba. I heard a joint on Kay Slay the other night and it was bananas.  There are a few new Pap joints on the Kay Slay which I downloaded bought last night, but I haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet. All I know is one of them is with Ghostface.

Go here and peep the Kiss Your Ass Goodbye video from the LOX.

Soon to be locked up Lil Kim is suing Lil Cease for 6 mil over a DVD he’s about to release.

Eminem: I’m retiring, Me: Stop lying

Friday, July 15th, 2005


According to the Detroit Free Press and Paul Rosenberg, Em’s manager, his last album Encore will be his last.  Apparently he had this planned from the beginning but didn’t announce it because of Jay-Z’s planned ‘retirement’  and according to Rosenberg: “He didn’t want to seem like one of those guys who’s playing a trick on his fans, or playing with their heads". All I have to say is: motherfucker stop lying! I don’t think any of the other rappers who ‘retired’ in the past few years have actually stayed retired. Let’s see we have Master P, who just dropped an album, Too Short, who retired then dropped an album, DMX whose album is due out next month, Mase who we just ‘Welcomed Back’, and the list goes on and on….So Em, please give me a fucking break, you ain’t going nowhere. You know damn well that your just like Jay and you can’t live and not touch a mic.

He says that he’s retiring to focus on being a producer full time, so your telling me he’s gonna still be in the studio making beats working with other artists and not ever wanna spit a 16? Stop the lies guy. If you retire what are all those fake white rap fans you created gonna listen to, cuz you know damn well your the only hip hop they know anything about. Anyway holla in the comments section if you feel me. (no ‘mo)

Anger Management tour bus crashes

Thursday, July 14th, 2005


A tour bus from Eminem’s Anger Management tour crashed last night in Missouri and caused an 11 car pile up. Alchemist, who recently replaced Green Lantern as Em’s DJ, and Stat Quo, who I still can’t figure out why he’s even signed to Aftermath were both banged up pretty bad (no homo) in the crash.  

From VH1.com

According to a Missouri Highway Patrol accident report, the crash occurred just after 6 p.m. Wednesday on a heavily trafficked stretch of Interstate 70 outside Odessa. The bus — bound for Denver, the site of Thursday night’s (July 14) Anger Management 3 tour stop — was "traveling at a high rate of speed" when its driver swerved onto the highway’s shoulder to avoid the slower-moving tractor-trailers.

The bus slid off the right side of the roadway but then veered sharply to the left and back onto the highway, clipping one of the trucks.

The force from the impact shot the truck across several lanes of traffic and over the highway median, into the oncoming-traffic lane. The bus continued its trajectory, striking a second 18-wheeler. The brunt of that collision forced the bus onto its side; the vehicle came to rest on the highway’s median, with a portion of the bus protruding into the eastbound lanes. Four other vehicles, including two motorcycles, collided with truck and bus debris.

Bad Album Covers: R.Kelly

Tuesday, July 12th, 2005


That’s just bad. That shit looks like it should be on the cover of one of those Jehovah Witness magazines.

Casino 10th Anniversary Edition

Tuesday, July 12th, 2005


I’m a big fan of the movie Casino so I was happy to hear they just re-released it for it’s 10th Anniversary. Casino has had all types of influence on Hip Hop culture, Nas’ Street Dreams video for example, but besides that, it’s one of the best gangsta movies ever made. Plus, you think I was gonna miss a chance to post a picture of Nas in that fucking pink suit…come on now!

In honor of the re-release I give you some classic quotes from the movie:

"A lot of holes in the desert, and a lot of problems are buried in those holes. But you gotta do it right. I mean, you gotta have the hole already dug before you show up with a package in the trunk. Otherwise, you’re talking about a half-hour to forty-five minutes worth of digging. And who knows who’s gonna come along in that time? Pretty soon, you gotta dig a few more holes. You could be there all fuckin’ night."

"You took your boots off? You put your feet on the table? You shit-kicking, stinky, horse-manure-smellin’ motherfucker you. You fuck me up over there, I’ll stick you in the fuckin’ desert. You understand? "
[Slaps Cowboy

"I think in all fairness, I should explain to you exactly what it is that I do. For instance tomorrow morning ill get up nice and early, take a walk down over to the bank and… walk in and see and uh… if you don’t have my money for me, I’ll… crack your fuckin’ head wide-open in front of everybody in the bank. And just about the time that I’m comin’ out of jail, hopefully, you’ll be coming out of your coma. And guess what? I’ll split your fuckin’ head open again. ‘Cause I’m fuckin’ stupid. I don’t give a fuck about jail. That’s my business. That’s what I do."


Nore on what happened with Nas

Monday, July 11th, 2005


A little while back there was a story going around that Nore threw a flowerpot at Nas and they started scrapping. Here’s what Nore had to say about that incident and where he stands with Rocafella/Def Jam. He also says that he’s gonna fuck with The Neptunes again if anything, which is weird cuz I coulda swore he said Pharrell’s wrist was broke.

Noreaga says he’s back where he started. After switching from Def Jam and signing with Roc-A-Fella over a year ago, hip-hop’s captain of charisma says he’s putting out his next album on Def Jam. "It was a whole lot of confusion for me," Nore said of his brief stint with Roc-A-Fella. "It was some weird things where I had to pick a side and I didn’t want to pick a side. I was down with the whole movement."

Rather than get in the middle of what he says was a clash at the label (which he says he still has love for), Nore decided to go back to Def Jam. He’s putting out a traditional hip-hop album, One Fan a Day, on the label in September, and later this year he’s releasing a reggaeton LP (featuring most of the genre’s major stars), but does not know what label it’s coming out on.

Nore says record-label politics between Def Jam and TVT have jeopardized the official release of a collaboration he did with Ashanti and Lil Jon called called "Young Boy, Young Girl" that would have been his first single, but one half of the Neptunes has come to his rescue and produced a new track.

"If all else fails, I go back to Pharrell," he laughed. "It sounds like nothing we’ve done before, but the basic chemistry remains the same: Me and the nigga went in there and had fun. This is gonna remind you of a Nore-style ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot.’ "

Speaking of droppin’ it like it’s hot, there was a rumor a couple of weeks back that Nas and Nore got into an altercation at a club and Nore wound up throwing a flower pot at his one-time close friend. Nore neither confirms nor denies the incident, only saying he was having "a bad week."

"Let me clear it up for the record: Nore loves Nas," he said. "The situation was little crazy, but Nore has a lot of love for Nas. I don’t know if it will ever be the same.

"I took a shot from him that was coldblooded, we recently squashed it," he added, referencing when Nas went on a radio tirade a few years back and told Nore to step his rap game up. "Hopefully the situation will not escalate. We was actually gonna do ‘Body in the Trunk Part 2’ — I guess that’s never gonna happen."

In support of his album, Nore just put out his mixtape Hang Hang Sangria, which is also the name of the liquor brand he wants to have in stores this year.

"I dug and in and took all the joints from my album I’m not using and said, ‘I’m gonna give it to the streets.’ " 


Super Duper

Saturday, July 9th, 2005

So much shit has happened this week with this Superhead bitch, that I haven’t even been able to keep up. She got aired out by Star, then she goes on Miss Jones and gets aired out by her baby father G Rap and his wife. They call up and shout Meth out as the ‘Papa’ character in her book, and tell a story about Super catching Big Tigger in a hotel room with another dude…Yeah I know, no homo.

Now I heard that she had to cancel her booksigning in Harlem, cuz she was afraid it was gonna pop off…I don’t know man this bitch carries more rumors than 10 Mariah Carey’s in 10 places at once.

Anyway, here are some links to the rumors and shit and here’s the audio of the Miss Jones interview. I have the Star interview too, but it’s not as good and this bitch ain’t worth all that server space, you smell me?

Miss Jones – Superhead Interview  

As long as I’m spreading all this gossip like a bitch, I may as well mention some of the other rumors going around:

  • There’s supposed to be another Eve sex tape floating around that features her and a certain garbage ‘rapper’ from STL whose name we don’t mention here at Nah Right. 
  • Ashanti may also be dropping a ‘video’ soon too
  • Hov wants to buy Kiss outta his Interscope contract
  • 50 is fucking with some actress broad that’s in his movie…but fuck that, speaking of his movie…I’m driving home the other day and I get off the Harlem River Drive at Dyckman and get caught in fucking traffic. It took me like half an hour to go like 3 blocks. So I finally get to Sherman and 204th and I see all these fucking Movie trailers, and I’m thinking wouldn’t that be some shit if this motherfucker 50 is filming his shit today. Well I get home and look online and sure enough it was his steroid ass filming. The funniest shit is that the whole time I’m sitting in traffic next to the movie trailers, I’m knocking the Game mixtape, and the Kiss and Styles diss song….funny shit…