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Mos Def callin out Suge


Yo, I knew Mos Def was that nigga, but damn I respect him for this shit. Sohh is reporting that Mos recently called out Suge at a performance in LA :

…You’ve read right. The Mighty Mos Def called out infamous Death Row mogul Suge Knight during a recent performance at Los Angeles’ Hollywood Bowl night club. Prior to performing a song he said was inspired by Tupac Shakur’s mother, Afeni, Pretty Flaco stepped to the front of the stage and yelled out, "Who killed my man, Suge?" Although, Suge was not in attendance, the BKNY lyricist repeated the question several times before declaring, "We fear nothing." Mos then went into the song, which featured him playing piano. He ended the cut by yelling, "Who killed Big, Pac, Jam Master Jay." Mos then concluded by demanding, "Just tell us who did it, Suge. Let’s stop all this bullsh!t."

Now I know everybody is gonna be like, "Oh that niggas crazy" and "He’s dead" and what not, but fuck that shit man. Everybody knows Suge had something to do with Big’s death and theres a good chance he got Pac setup too so it’s about time someone spoke on that shit. Plus, fuck Suge man, this ain’t the 90’s anymore. Now that I got that off my chest I’ll be hiding out somewhere for a few months if your looking for me. 

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    Mos would murder him

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