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The Source, the Murder Inc. of the magazine industry?


Early Saturday morning two Executives from the Source were snacthed up by police in relation to a shooting on 23rd Street. The shooting took place at the Limerick House pub, where I’ve thrown a few back myself a couple of times, and supposedley started when an aspiring rapper approached them with a demo cd. From the NY Daily News:

"It was over whether they were going to play a rap CD or not," an investigator said.

The dispute spilled outside, where witnesses heard four shots and saw two bloodied men fall to the sidewalk.

"We were playing poker and when we looked out the window … we see two guys wounded," said a 21-year-old witness.

"The man who was shot in the chest eventually collapsed," said a second poker player. "For several minutes, his friend stood above him trying to help him and suddenly he collapsed next to him."

Orlando Orenga, 26, the wanna-be rapper, was shot in the head and taken to St. Vincent’s Hospital Manhattan in critical condition. He was expected to survive.

His cousin Alex Colon, 30, was shot in the arm and leg, and the busboy took a bullet in the torso. They were in stable condition at St. Vincent’s and Bellevue.

The suspects were nabbed fleeing the scene, and police also recovered two handguns, a 9-mm. and a .40-caliber Glock, hidden under parked cars.

The Source fell off a long time ago, but the last year or so has been especially hard for them. They recently got hit with a lawsuit by Kim Osorio, their ex-Editor in Chief, alleging sexual harrasement, and they haven’t been doing to well financially. I was reading here that these two execs, Leroy Peeples and Alvin Childs, are originally from Boston so I’m guessing they’re Benzino affiliates in one way or another. This company seems like it has a black cloud hanging over it’s building or something. Kinda like Murder Inc. It’s kinda crazy when you thiink about it. Both of these organizations have had high profile beefs with 50 Cent and Eminem, and since then, both of them have eating nothing but shit. I mean damn, even Ashanti can’t get a break. Not saying that this shooting has anything to do with anything, but lets face it, God calls up Jimmy Iovine for favors.

Go here for a round up of the saga of The Source:

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