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It’s Muuurder!


Remember this guy? Been wondering what he’s been up to? Well it looks like after Curtis put the breaks on his career, he’s been trying his hand at the bang out shoot-em-up gangsta thing. The Feds are investigating your boy for the murder of notorious Queens stick up kid Willie "Bang Bang" Clark last year. Clark and his boy Troy Moore, who were rumored to have stuck up one of Foxy Brown’s brothers, showed up at a party Ja was throwing at Club LQ in December 2004. Video cameras near by caught the rest on tape. As Clark and Moore arrived at the club Ja was about to leave in his whip.

The tapes show one of his bodyguards running up to the car window and telling another bodyguard to come with him "It’s going down". The two bodyguards are then seen pulling out and busting at Clark and Moore. Clark died from his wounds and Moore was injured.  Moore is currently locked up on gun charges that resulted from the same incident. All of this came to light as part of the ongoing Federal investigation into Murder Inc. and its ties to Kenneth ‘Supreme’ McGriff, a notorious drug lord from Queens.

Not bad huh? Meanwhile a recent Ja Rule performance (they still have those?) at The House of Blues in LA ended in violence when Jeffrey took the stage late and the drunk and rowdy crowd started brawling. It got so bad they had to end the show early. Those crazy Ja Rule fans! What are we gonna do with them….

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