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Nore on what happened with Nas


A little while back there was a story going around that Nore threw a flowerpot at Nas and they started scrapping. Here’s what Nore had to say about that incident and where he stands with Rocafella/Def Jam. He also says that he’s gonna fuck with The Neptunes again if anything, which is weird cuz I coulda swore he said Pharrell’s wrist was broke.

Noreaga says he’s back where he started. After switching from Def Jam and signing with Roc-A-Fella over a year ago, hip-hop’s captain of charisma says he’s putting out his next album on Def Jam. "It was a whole lot of confusion for me," Nore said of his brief stint with Roc-A-Fella. "It was some weird things where I had to pick a side and I didn’t want to pick a side. I was down with the whole movement."

Rather than get in the middle of what he says was a clash at the label (which he says he still has love for), Nore decided to go back to Def Jam. He’s putting out a traditional hip-hop album, One Fan a Day, on the label in September, and later this year he’s releasing a reggaeton LP (featuring most of the genre’s major stars), but does not know what label it’s coming out on.

Nore says record-label politics between Def Jam and TVT have jeopardized the official release of a collaboration he did with Ashanti and Lil Jon called called "Young Boy, Young Girl" that would have been his first single, but one half of the Neptunes has come to his rescue and produced a new track.

"If all else fails, I go back to Pharrell," he laughed. "It sounds like nothing we’ve done before, but the basic chemistry remains the same: Me and the nigga went in there and had fun. This is gonna remind you of a Nore-style ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot.’ "

Speaking of droppin’ it like it’s hot, there was a rumor a couple of weeks back that Nas and Nore got into an altercation at a club and Nore wound up throwing a flower pot at his one-time close friend. Nore neither confirms nor denies the incident, only saying he was having "a bad week."

"Let me clear it up for the record: Nore loves Nas," he said. "The situation was little crazy, but Nore has a lot of love for Nas. I don’t know if it will ever be the same.

"I took a shot from him that was coldblooded, we recently squashed it," he added, referencing when Nas went on a radio tirade a few years back and told Nore to step his rap game up. "Hopefully the situation will not escalate. We was actually gonna do ‘Body in the Trunk Part 2’ — I guess that’s never gonna happen."

In support of his album, Nore just put out his mixtape Hang Hang Sangria, which is also the name of the liquor brand he wants to have in stores this year.

"I dug and in and took all the joints from my album I’m not using and said, ‘I’m gonna give it to the streets.’ " 


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