Super Duper

So much shit has happened this week with this Superhead bitch, that I haven’t even been able to keep up. She got aired out by Star, then she goes on Miss Jones and gets aired out by her baby father G Rap and his wife. They call up and shout Meth out as the ‘Papa’ character in her book, and tell a story about Super catching Big Tigger in a hotel room with another dude…Yeah I know, no homo.

Now I heard that she had to cancel her booksigning in Harlem, cuz she was afraid it was gonna pop off…I don’t know man this bitch carries more rumors than 10 Mariah Carey’s in 10 places at once.

Anyway, here are some links to the rumors and shit and here’s the audio of the Miss Jones interview. I have the Star interview too, but it’s not as good and this bitch ain’t worth all that server space, you smell me?

Miss Jones – Superhead Interview  

As long as I’m spreading all this gossip like a bitch, I may as well mention some of the other rumors going around:

  • There’s supposed to be another Eve sex tape floating around that features her and a certain garbage ‘rapper’ from STL whose name we don’t mention here at Nah Right. 
  • Ashanti may also be dropping a ‘video’ soon too
  • Hov wants to buy Kiss outta his Interscope contract
  • 50 is fucking with some actress broad that’s in his movie…but fuck that, speaking of his movie…I’m driving home the other day and I get off the Harlem River Drive at Dyckman and get caught in fucking traffic. It took me like half an hour to go like 3 blocks. So I finally get to Sherman and 204th and I see all these fucking Movie trailers, and I’m thinking wouldn’t that be some shit if this motherfucker 50 is filming his shit today. Well I get home and look online and sure enough it was his steroid ass filming. The funniest shit is that the whole time I’m sitting in traffic next to the movie trailers, I’m knocking the Game mixtape, and the Kiss and Styles diss song….funny shit…

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