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Biggie Trial Update # 4 – Case ends in mistrial


The Biggie wrongful death trial ended Wednesday when the Judge declared a mistrial. The cause of the mistrial was the LAPD knowingly witholding evidence that incriminated corrupt ex-cops Rafael Perez and David Mack. An anonymous tip made the court aware of the evidence and the trial was put on hold pending further investigation. The LAPD then claimed that it had simply ‘forgot’ to make the Wallace Family’s lawyers aware of the recorded testimony of Jailhouse informant Kenny Bogani. The Judge didn’t buy that story and declared the mistrial. So now this means they have to start everything all over again, from scratch. The good news is the Wallace family plans on re-filing and expanding the lawsuit to include Perez and others and their lawyer vowed to dig even deeper into what really happened with the Rampart Scandal and how it connected to Big’s murder. You’ve gotta feel bad for Big’s moms though, after going through all that, just to have to sit though it again must be hard as hell.


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